Monzo Plus: Re-ordering accounts in the app

Just added my NatWest accouts using the new plus accout, (I like this feature particularly!) so the home page shows Monzo account, Monzo pot, NatWest credit card, NatWest current accout.

Now it would be more sensible to me to have the two most used accounts next to each other, so the Monzo account and NatWest current account, pot, credit card but I can’t find a way to do that. Even tried adding the NatWest account separately, but that didn’t work.

If it’s not a thing, then it’s a suggestion :grin::+1:

I have the same issue, I’d love to be able to reorder my Lloyd’s accounts. Hopefully they can implement this :pray:t2:

You have ability to edit/reorganise which current account and savings pots show in sequence. However the option is not there for the other accounts, so save deleting accounts and then re-adding them in an order you want, it would be better to enable a edit/reorganise function.

Yeah, I tried that re-adding trick, but the way it’s been designed, (which would require a long and boring explanation) it doesn’t work.

When adding external accounts, I have multiple with the same bank that I want to add, but I want to have them in a custom order and assign different coloured cards to them to make them easy to distinguish in the app.

While I can see another thread asking something similar, that is for cards from different providers, whereas my issue is for cards from the same provider.

Functionatility like the pots customisation would be perfect for this

Yeah, this would be a nice thing to have for sure.

This has already been suggested, you can vote for it in the below topic:

Whoever just marked this as done, it’s not!

OP (me too) wants the ability to reorder all accounts, including Monzo, at the same level.

External accounts are still below joint, and pots, and personal. There’s no free re-ordering.

Sorry! :see_no_evil: I thought it was just for individual accounts!
As I can move my Amex card above my Barclaycard :slight_smile:

The topic doesn’t seem to be closed for me - maybe it was re-opened?

Anyway, I’ve voted for this, as I have a related issue - I simply cannot get my Personal account to appear before my Joint Account. Despite the setting in Labs being on/off. Logout/login, force stop/re-start, uninstall/reset/install, used on different device - nothing allows me to move my Joint account to be after my Personal account in the overview listing.

Must be on my own - it’s a very specific server-side issue for sure - reported here in November last year and in-app last December. No resolution yet.