Re-ordering of accounts, display bug?

Issue: Order of accounts doesn’t match settings, or reacts randomly

Details to reproduce:
Pre-requisites; Monzo account with both Personal and Joint accounts displayed with the ‘Show joint account first’ setting in Monzo Labs DISABLED. This, usually, shows the Personal account first and Joint account second. Until:

  1. Drag down on a card to get to the accounts overview display
  2. Tap on the edit icon (top-right) to allow re-ordering of the accounts/pots
  3. Don’t change anything and tap on the ‘Tick’ icon (top-right) - the personal account may or may not change position or change position and then revert
  4. Tap on the top-most account/card, then tap on Payments, then tap on Home
  5. The cards re-order themselves, sometimes to an incorrect order and back, sometimes to an incorrect order which stays there
  6. A Force-stop is needed to kill the app, to bring back the current, correct display. Logging out, uninstalling & reinstalling the app does not affect the issue

The card carousel view also acts funky when this issue is active.

Of note, when you get to step 3 above, if you tap the ‘back’ arrow at the top-left (instead of the ‘tick’ icon to exit the re-order screen), the issue does not occur - could be a clue?

OS: Android 11
Device: Pixel 5
App Version: 3.57.0


Initial & preferred order of accounts, then tap on the edit icon (top-right):

In the account re-order screen, don’t change anything, then tap on the ‘tick’ (top-right) to exit:

The order of accounts is then incorrectly displayed with the Joint account first, despite not changing anything in the previous screen:

…even though Monzo Labs is set to show the Personal account first ('Show joint account first is DISABLED):

There’s definitely something weird going on - I cannot now have my Personal account displayed first in the account overview list or the carousel. It either comes after my Joint account (and associated JA pots) in the vertical overview list and the carousel - or - if I make ‘Show joint account first’ active in Monzo labs, the Personal account drops below both the JA and all ‘Other Accounts’ (Connected Cards)

Has alphabetical ordering been switched on for account type names? (Joint account comes before Personal account alphabetically, and Other accounts last)?

Just came on to see if anyone else had experienced this as I’ve relatively recently added a joint account and have had to turn “Joint Account first” on just to stop them bouncing around.

View Personal Account Feed (carousel view). Personal account is first.
Close app
Re-open app to feed. Personal account is shown, but is not first
Close app
Scroll back to joint account (first in feed)
Close app
Re-open app to feed. Joint account is shown, but is no longer first.
Lock phone
Unlock phone to app. Joint account is now first again.

I presume the recent tidying up has made this worse somehow.

This still happens to me. Can’t move the Joint Account from first place.
I reported it in-app in December. Still no fix. It’s definitely an issue with a user profile on the :monzo: server side, as I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared every cache, installed on different devices and it still has the same effect.

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Oh, I guess should say I’m also on Android, app version 3.83.0

Android 10, Oneplus X (please, someone that’s not Samsung release an affordably priced small size replacement for this…)

Happened with me on Pixel 5, Android 11, various versions of the :monzo: app and continues now with Android 12 beta1 with Monzo app v3.83.1