'Do more with Monzo' section should not split personal and joint accounts

Hi team - The ‘Do more with Monzo’ section on the home tab has moved. It now sits between my personal account and joint account. Not ok that it splits accounts.

Please move it back below ‘Other accounts’ as quickly as possible. Or add a way for the user to move it. I could use labs and make joint account first which moves ‘Do more’ back below accounts. Not helpful to have to force the joint account first to remove an unhelpful section.

Can you also add a way to remove the ‘Get Monzo Premium’ button, please. Appreciate you need to generate more money but I’m a long time user with two accounts and already use Plus. The button is annoying.


My ‘do more with Monzo’ section is at the end :thinking: I’m on Android are you on iOS?

I couldn’t care less where it is to be honest, I just ignore it regardless. And the way I navigate through my accounts (joint, personal and connected cards) is by tapping the home button. This skips the section you mention also.

It’s not where you’re saying it for me either. I’m on iOS.

The whinging about the upgrade button is in another thread, with it being looked into.

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I’m not sure what “Do more with Monzo” is, is it the “Things you can do with Monzo” you’re talking about?

I’m on iOS

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It’s at the very bottom…

For OP, that bottom section is in between their personal and joint accounts

Ahh I thought they meant the ‘things you can do with monzo’ fake pot thingy.

Either way, that other section is still at the very bottom for me too. Odd that it isn’t for the OP :confused:

This has now moved for me and is really annoying! Again, I don’t know why you can’t dismiss anything in the Monzo app. I’m never going to switch my energy provider with them, I don’t own a business and I don’t have any other accounts I could switch in. So it’s completely useless for me and just takes up space. It was at least less intrusive before when it was at the bottom.

Edit: I am on iOS (latest TestFlight version)


Can you take a screenshot?

Does everyone mean this? I thought it was always in the same place :sweat_smile:

Unless it’s because I don’t have a JA (not eligible apparently).

Mines similar but as I rarely scroll that far down I never see it.

I really hope this doesn’t make it out of TestFlight.

Howdy – long-time lurker, first-time poster… :grin:

Just to add, this has happened to my Overview screen too and it’s a tad annoying.

Not sure why single-action, rarely used links would need greater prominence than every-day actions such as reviewing external account balances?

If it can’t be moved as standard, it’d be nice to have an option somewhere to make the external accounts sit higher up the screen.


My post was sitting in moderation since yesterday, but I forgot to add - I’m using the App Store version of the app (4.22.0 #814). I have all the Monzo Labs settings enabled (Dark mode, Favourite payees, Hide left to spend, Show joint account first, Tag suggester) and I just tried with them all off and it still displays in this way… :frowning:

At this point, the account-list layout and the ‘Show joint account first’ setting in Labs is the total opposite for me. I’ve not been able to have anything listed before the Joint Account since the latter-half of of 2020. Labs setting enabled, Labs setting disabled. :monzo: app installed on different devices. No change. Definitely something tied to my account server-side.

Reported to :monzo: in-app Nov-2020
Still the same.

This is the same for me, on iOS non TestFlight and it’s frustrating. I really hope this is AB testing and they decide against it (or an accident)

Putting this in between my main accounts is not going to make me magic up a business to open a business account. Monzo is already my main account, and now is not the time to switch energy so it’s just a complete waste of space for me.

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I don’t have a joint account but my “Do More With Monzo” now sits below my pots (and Monzo loan) and all my connected accounts. Bit weird! I hope it moves back.

Can we have some clarification from Monzo if this is a bug or not? Really hate this.

@AlanDoe Are you able to find out if this is a bug or intended behaviour please? :pray:

That would really annoy me.