Problem with login

Hello i have problem with my account. I cant log in with Verify activation code

Do any of the solutions here help?

I do it this

I uninstal and instal again and stop after code verification

You’ll need to give us more details than that.

What steps are you taking, what have you tried from the above post, what error are you getting, what screen are you seeing?

The more detail the better :slight_smile:

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I write my phone number after code verification and something is wrong

If it’s asking for phone number you are using the wrong email address


Yep as mentioned above :point_up:

It might not be a wrong email address but it isn’t the email address you used to sign up to Monzo with. Try and use another email address that you own

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I dont have anither e-mail

Try and log in to with the email you are currently trying

If it is asking for your mobile number it is taking you through the account creation process. This is because there is no Monzo account associated with the email address you entered.

Do as suggested above but if you’re adamant that it is the correct email address then you’ll need to get in touch with Monzo.

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I try with this link and i cant do it nothing i try call on this number and i have info i must help chat

How i must contact with monzo?

Since that’s not working either then it definitely looks like you are using a different email then the one linked to your monzo account but the waiting times are long at the moment

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