Still waiting

I’ve not had a Monzo account before I’ve tried to set up an account this morning I’ve put my phone number in and then recieved the code for verification and its saying ‘there is a problem contact us if it continues’.

I’ve tried contacting you through email x2, the chat x3 and call x6 and still have not got through or heard anything.

Any advice?


Welcome to the community,

I’ve moved your question to the help section.

The best option is via chat, it should have said what the wait time is though in one of the messages.

Try reinstalling the app meanwhile to see if that helps.

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Hello @Kathryn1

The best option to contact Monzo is via the In-App Chat option,
they will have your enquiry and will respond as soon as they can.

In the meantime, a few things to try.

  • Re-entering the mobile number and recieivng a fresh SMS after 10 minutes of waiting
  • Remove the Monzo app, and re-install starting from the beginning

Im glad to hear your looking at joining Monzo and welcome to the community too!

I hope this helps you get the issue resolved, if you have any questions i have no plan on sleeping this morning,


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Hi Kathryn & welcome :wave:

Here is some advice which hopefully may help;



As others as said contacting them through the app is the best way and they are fast to reply.

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If the verification code isn’t working then there’s a chance that you might have already tried to sign up with that number in the past but with a different email.

If you can access the live chat from the sign-up page you’re stuck on then could you send us a message and we’ll take a look? If you can’t see the option to chat with us then send an email to and we’ll work through it that way :blush:

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I’m currently emailing and I’ve managed to sign up using my partners number but obviously now he cannot sign up for an account. I’ve never been with Monzo so I dont know why my number would be connected to another email address.

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He’ll still be able to sign up for an account but we’ll need to get your numbers swapped back over!

This isn’t something we can do through the forum, but our email team should be able to get this sorted if you ask them to update your phone number.

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Hi :wave:
I just thought I’d stop by and see how you got on and if I read your last post right! Your in :partying_face:

A warm welcome! Did you know you can invite your partner in the Monzo app directly for a quicker signup! :see_no_evil:

(Once the phone numbers have been swapped over of course)

I raised a question at 10:30 on Sunday (in-app chat), and an issue at 08:35 yesterday (in-app chat), received a human response by 09:21, and query and issue answered by 11:59.

Pretty impressive considering all the negative press that CS are getting.

No money involved though.



Hi Paul!
I agree the in app service is improving. I believe after the festive period things will be all steam ahead as things are being put in place including ramp ups in how many COps there are!

So we will notice a difference soon


Good to know, can you expand on this a little? I’ve not seen anything ‘official’ from Monzo on this.


They have been making changes to internal processes over the last few months. I believe there was a post made here in the forum about it.

I can try and dig it out for you