Something went wrong

Originally my account was not updating when i paid for things and now i cannot sign into my account. I keep getting the RED message saying ‘something went wrong’.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app

I have done this. No luck still saying same thing when i put in the code

Delete and reinstall the app. Make sure you choose Log In and make sure you enter the email you used to create your Monzo account.

It sounds like you’re creating a new account or attempting to sign in with a different email.

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What exact process are you using to log in ?

If you can describe exactly what you do before the error that would be helpful

I have reinstalled and now it asks me to put a code in after all the verification questions

And i get this

You shouldnt need to put your phone number to log in

Make sure you are pressing log in and not sign up

You should only need to enter your email address

If you send a screenshot of the first page you use to log in I can say which button exactly as I am not sure if it is different on IOS

I do wish Monzo would change the front screen. The number of people who come on here with a problem accessing their account and it turns out to be because the wrong button is being pressed… :exploding_head:


I agree in the sense of a lot have asked this but on android I think it is very obvious

Everyone that has asked has been on IOS which lead me to wonder if it is different - I havent seen it myself

(if you are on IOS please do share the screen which you dont like)

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This can also happen if they press the right button but enter the wrong email address, AIUI. So just changing the one screen wouldn’t be enough. They’d also need to change the login flow so that it doesn’t seamlessly fall back to the create account flow in an unrecognised email is given.

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Sign up – >> whatever the sign up workflow is

Log in --> recognise email - all good
–>unrecognised email --> notification saying email not recognised either try log in with correct email or sign up if you havent already


It is pretty obvious on iOS. I just logged out and back in again to test it.


It is probably what @HoldenCarver is mentioning. An erroneous email input that is starting the create an account flow which then errors due to the details being on the system.


I am logging in the right and correct way when they send me a code to sign in… it gives me that message

The images above are all the screens you will ever see logging into your account on iOS. Which of the images is the last one you see before the red screen occurs?

Its strange that the error message states your phone number couldn’t be verified. Have you emailed

Edit: Excellent, @BethS from Monzo is here to help you :slight_smile:

Helllllo :wave:

It looks like you’re using the wrong email to login there! Can you log back out and back in with the email address already associated with your account? :blush:


So if he is trying to sign in with an email address that isn’t assossiated with his account, why does it send a magic link to that address? Should it not send anything at all since that address doesn’t match any accounts?

Or does it mean that someone is using his email address on different account :confused:

Might be worth someone combining these into one post. There are at least 4 open and had replies in the last hour. Clearly there is something a little odd with the sign in

From a security standpoint, an website, API or otherwise shouldn’t really ever divulge whether an email address is registered or not with their system - it should always say “great, carry on” whether the email is registered or not.

Currently, the Monzo app, or otherwise calls an API with your email address, asking it to send a magic link. If that API did infact return a response such as Success or Failed: email doesn't exist, it would be an amazing resource to someone with a huge list of email addresses - they could try each one (programatically of course, albeit at a slow rate, maybe 1000/hour to avoid rate limiting), and determine whether an email address that is known to them is associated with a Monzo account.

This sort of information may seem particularly non important, but revealing whether an email address is registered to a service or not is classed as relatively sensitive. Back when there was an Facebook endpoint that you fed an email address, and it’d return a facebook profile - you could essentially get their full name, relationship status, photo and other public items. Facebook removed the ability to scrape details by email last year or the year before (with the Cambridge Analytica issue if I remember correctly).

TLDR: having a public facing URL that you can pass an email address and it’ll respond with found/not found is not good practice.

So to answer your post @Ordog, Monzo won’t actually send an email if it didn’t find an account with a matching email, it’ll just say that it has sent one to avoid giving too much away.


That’s what I’d expect, thank you.

Perhaps it’s just me getting confused when the OP said it sent him “the code” :slight_smile:

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Thank you for that! Always great to learn something new

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