Cannot verify my phone number

I get a verification code from SMS but it cannot verify the number. It says “something went wrong”. I have tried uninstalling and installing the app many times.

What are you trying to do?

Log in or create an account?

Hi there i am in the same situation as well… :slightly_frowning_face:
Creating the account… it s not working… i asked already 7 times…“still something went wrong”

log back in

exactly that.

Nothing happened :frowning:
Still the same

Have you registered an account with Monzo previously?

yes, it was working fine

I got my card by post and just i wanted to activate it ,but i couldn’t.

Make sure you’re using the email address you signed up to Monzo with.

See the fourth section of this post for information about when you are asked to enter your phone number;

it is the same email add.

If you’re being asked for your phone number, it isn’t the same email address;

**If you already have an account with Monzo and you’re trying to login, and you are asked to enter your phone number, this always means you have entered the wrong email address. Always. The phone number prompt only ever occurs on the sign-up flow, when entering an email not already tied to an account, not the log-in flow when the email already exists for an account.


What about when i creating a new acc. And verify code is not working?
What is the next step?

If i went with a wrong email addr the app staritaway says its a wrong email… so it could not let me continue…


"Why can’t I login to my Monzo account?
If you already have an account with Monzo, you’ve tried logging into your app but have been asked to verify your phone number, you may have accidentally signed up for a new account.

To fix this issue you’ll need to delete and reinstall the app and log in from the beginning using the email address you originally signed up with :+1:.

If you can’t remember what email this is, search in your inbox for your original signup email from us."


You were right, I was using a different email address. Thank you very much for your help.


You are very welcome - glad to help you get access to your Monzo! :sweat: