Phone Verification Failure

Hi. I am trying to log in to the Monzo app for the first time to check the money I sent over night has reached my account. The verification code failed 4 times with the previous install, and after uninstalling and reinstalling a further 3 times with the new install.
I have waited over 30 minutes for an online chat on my mobile, and now given up on that. Can I have some help please

Have you tried the phone number on the back of your card?

If you’re typing in your phone number, you’re signing up for a new account rather than logging in. Make sure you select Log In rather than Sign Up.

Hiya. the only option I have is Log In so pretty sure that’s not the issue. I have seen other strands that if you pull out of the sign on process without completing to the end, and then return, that this has caused similar issues. Reinstalling in my case hasn’t resolved it. I’ll try Dunsford’s suggestion and call the number on the back of the card,

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You need to make sure you’re entering the email address you signed up with. See here:

If you’re logging in, it won’t ask you for your phone number.

Yep. I win the prize for stupid Monday person. I had a 50/50 choice between emails and was choosing the wrong one


Haha it’s Monday morning so you’re forgiven :smiley:

Glad you’ve got it sorted :slight_smile:

Glad it’s sorted! If it’s any consolation I did the exact same thing a couple of months ago!

I just logged in to Revolut for the first time - typed a wrong number first time (I always mistype an 8 for a 0 in my number) and it took me to a sign up page, but I could click back, change the number, and the next page was for my passcode. Monzo should be as simple as that. This issue comes up here daily, someone says they’re trying to log in but it wont accept their phone number.


Yep I agree :slight_smile:

Hopefully they’ll take notice and implement something soon :crossed_fingers:

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They should definitely adjust the flow, I think. They might be reluctant to suggest that the email is incorrect if that would be useful information for would be hackers? Especially as Monzo is reliant on the security of emails and devices.

I’m certainly no expert, by the way. That’s just an uninformed opinion.

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That’s right, it’s considered bad practise to do that. Just a generic error that says “invalid credentials” that is shown for either wrong email or password should do it :slight_smile: