Pay date option - varying date of payment from employer/person

There’s no option to have my monthly summary dates be accurate. I get paid on the Wednesday before the last Thursday of the month. Meaning that this month, because the last Thursday is the 25th, I got paid on the 24th. But obviously this date changes every month and there no option for this.

It would be great if Monzo could recognise either “the last X of the month” or when a known recurring salary payment goes into the account. Perhaps identified by the payer name?

It has the ability to know that I can salary sort the payment into the account so why can’t this same rule be applied to the reset date for the monthly summary?


There’s probably 30+ threads asking the same thing, this is the most popular.

Summary is going so it won’t be added there.

Can you give me more context on summary going.

So I enabled the Overview again after disabling a while ago because I didn’t like it and it still has the wrong date range for the month in ‘Spending’ and ‘Trends’. Where does this data come from now?

Tap This month in top right. At the bottom you should see a date month reset option.

I’m not seeing this option and I’m still seeing the same Summary screen where the issue lies? I’m confused, I thought the Summary was going, it’s still there for me with Overview enabled in Labs

It is explained in the post given to you earlier:

They want initial thoughts on it, aware of the fact it isn’t anywhere near finished.

Labs is for testing things. In this instance they’ve allowed you to test this while still using summary, likely for the reason they stated. It’s not finished so not ready to replace it fully yet.

Oh well, I’m back where I started, waiting on a feature that doesn’t exist and an update which doesn’t fix the problem! :crazy_face: