Specify Dates for the Summary

I’m not paid on the same day/ date each month, it’s the last Friday of each month.

So each time I’m paid I’d like to be able to specify from the date I’m paid eg: the 25th October to the 29th November, this would make the feature more useful and accurate to me, currently it just gets ignored as its set to the first of each month so it thinks I’m going to run out of money when I’m going to get paid 7 days before that.

I know I can set the summary to be from the date of a specific payment like when I get paid, but if it is on the 25th for example the summary goes to the 25th of the next month and is agin inaccurate.

Hey BenJ,

Weekly periods are coming first but as this recent post states the last day of a month is also on their to-do list too:

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That’s great thanks for letting me know.