More flexibility in summary period settings


New to the community so no idea whether I’m doing this right!

I just want to suggest more flexibility in the summary period settings in the app.

Some months I get paid earlier than usual (December and January), and the rest of the year I get paid on the 28th, or the working day before, and I’d like to be able to alter my summary period to reflect this. At the moment, it has to be set to the 28th (or working day before) of every month. When it comes to December/January, I get paid earlier and this affects my budgeting.

I’d be really grateful if you could look at this! Thank you!

Hi. Welcome.

In your account view, click into the little pie top right, then “This Period” under summary at the top. There where it says “Start date: xxth ----- change”

Click change, and there you can select more options. It sounds like you’re paid monthly, click next and there you can select the date or pick a recent payment. You’ll just have to manually change it for the periods involved.

Monzo have promised work on this area and it does need it! But this will hopefully help you get around it and after this week, you probably won’t need to touch again until December.

Hi @Revels - thank you for replying.

I’m aware of this functionality and have used it before to alter the summary period. It’s just that over winter, the dates I get paid change so I could do with being able to make the summary period shorter or longer to reflect this (sorry, that might not have been clear!). So I get paid on the 28th November, 22nd of December, 22nd of January, and then the 28th February (give or take). So between November and December, I have a shorter period to budget for, and then between January and February, I have longer period to budget for - but I can only set my summary to a specific start date, and for a month, 4 weeks or a week from this point. So it doesn’t quite meet my needs!

Pleased to hear Monzo are going to work on this area - wasn’t aware of this! Thank you.