Day of the week option!? 🗓

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH, Monzo has absolutely changed my life and helped me to begin to get my spending/budgeting back on track! You guys are doing such a good thing letting people take control of their money!!!

One teeny little thing though…

I get paid the last Friday of every month and it would be awesome if I could set scheduled payments, my summary etc to go out/start on that last Friday of every month, rather than a specific date as it changes from month to month.

Sorry if this has already been suggested, I read loads of posts to try and check but couldn’t get through all of them!


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Hey Hannah :wave:

Welcome to the community!

This feature has been in the works since July last year I believe. Currently Monzo will try to guess your next payday, and there’s no way to manually alter summary.

More info and the full discussion about summary is below!

You might be able to fiddle around with the settings under the summary tab on the app, but there’s no 100% accurate solution yet.



You should be able to tie the summary to a particular incoming transaction over a certain value (I don’t remember the value off the top of my head, but it is accessibly low).

Unfortunately, it won’t change the “end date” of the summary, but it should start the summary from the date of that transaction each month.

I believe there are plans to enhance the functionality of this, I’m not sure where Monzo currently are with those plans.

EDIT: Alex beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Heh, I just went through the process of changing it myself… it has been enhanced a little since I last used it. I am now at least able to set the end date to the last working day before the next pay date (so I get paid on the 27th one month, 27th the next month falls on a Sunday, so summary will end on the 25th).

I’m not sure if this quite fits your needs, but it is a step in the right direction.


Yeh I get paid the last Friday not the last working day which is super annoying! I will wait patiently!


Thanks so much Alex! This helps a bit, although I get paid the last Friday not the last working day which messes things up :roll_eyes:

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How fun! :upside_down_face: So your summary could be out by up to 6 days if You’re unlucky. Hopefully they figure out a way of sorting this soon!

Until then you could adjust the summary date each month, however that’s time consuming and would most likely update the statistics for previous months too.

Yeh I’ll have to do that. It’s more for my scheduled payments into my pots. I have multiple pots set up for petrol, food etc and don’t have the option to set a scheduled payment into them for the day I get paid!

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I used to use summary this way before the improvements. I can confirm that changing the summary start date each month doesn’t affect the start dates of previous summary periods.

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Awesome thanks for the info! :grinning::+1: