Summary period from last < weekday > of month (eg: last Friday of the month)

Hi. Just started using the Budgets feature in Summary and it would really help to be able to set a budget date as “the last Friday of the month” rather than a fixed date!

Any chance of adding this? Being able to see a summary based on when the money actually comes in would make budgeting much simpler!


This is a really common suggestion. Sweeping changes were hinted last year but only a few minor ones appeared.

Monzo have since fallen silent on the matter.

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Currently the closest I’ve come is setting the last friday manually using 4-weekly mode, but I’m guessing this won’t work when I encounter a 5 week month.

Being able to set “last X of the month” or even “Nth/Nth-last X of the month” would be ideal

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Exactly, Matt. The Nth Nday!

The last Friday can be anything from 22nd (such as this month when Feb 28 is a Thursday) to 31st! It would be a big help to be able to do this! Or failing that, perhaps the last weekday to move money around before all the bills on 1st which is what I actually need to do.

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I’d be happy with a makeshift, manual, pick every payday this year from a calendar kind of thing, rather then the bodging I currently have to do.


I’m really trying to figure out a way to do this too… I get paid on the last Friday every month, which makes the estimated amount left over kind of useless.

I saw a thread from summer last year that had screenshots of features that supposedly would be added soon that made this possible, but seen nothing since?

Would love to hear if anyone has a workaround or something related to this?


After trying to figure out if this is possible to automate, it seems it isn’t…

However there’s a manual work around that I’m going to have to use instead. If I go to enter a custom start date and enter this months pay day (last Friday), it will adjust everything up until then. Once I get paid I guess I’ll just do that again to the last Friday of the following month by changing it to whatever the date is then… As far as I can tell that should work?

That’s essentially what I have to do.

I’ve reached out to Monzo a couple of times regarding this and never had a response…

One last try… @simonb anyone… help?


Lemme see what I can find out :grinning:


I’ve not got this far before…

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No updates on this, I’m afraid - doesn’t seem like it’s being actively worked on at the moment, but hopefully it can be picked up again in the future.

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That was the longest 44 minutes of my life, but at least during that period I had hope.



Sorry :cry:

I need this feature in my life… guys… please

Look at what I had to do at the end of Feb. One stand alone week counts as a period.



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Isn’t this basically what we need? Looks like it was in development at some point… (click image)

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This has already been implemented. Unfortunately it doesn’t support being paid on the last Friday of every month. Last month was a prime example of this issue affecting summary periods, we were paid on the 22nd and now we have a 5 week window.

Ah I see… so annoying, it can’t be that hard to do surely? Yeah exactly the same re: last month… Makes the estimated budget kind of useless unless I keep manually putting in my next pay day?

Although it does say

or a specific day (ex. last Friday of the month).

Hmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Emma has this. It’s not impossible to build.

Come on Monzo…oblige us