Pay off shared tabs in small amounts

You can currently only pay off the entire tab you owe of a shared tab. Would be great if you could pay it off in your choice of amounts.
Example, I owe for my share of flights but bought them together. I can’t pay off the full amount now but I’d like to start repaying


OK @Revels that’s some dedication and skillz.


Just give me moderation rights that only allow me to merge threads :nerd_face:


We definitely need the ability to pay instalments or part of the tab back.

I’ve been buying stuff for the house and putting it on a shared tab with th me wife.

Now a few thousand pounds has gone on the tab and she wants to pay a bit off but cant.

It would be good if she could make a payment to me and then I allocate it under the tab to reduce the amount owed etc.

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Total agree. @Monzo need to make this happen as I’m finding the same issues as experienced above! The ability to specify an amount instead of paying all. :kissing_heart:

This idea has been suggested previously. The main voting thread for it is here: