Shared Tab Pay Off Chunks

My partner and I utilise the Monzo Shared Tab feature every single day, some times add large purchases to the tab, that the other cannot afford to pay off the entire tab at once that month. It would be SUPER useful if we had the option to pay off parts of the tab than the current only option of paying the entire tab off entirely.

I imagine there must be many other people utilising this Shared Tab feature and finding they need want to pay off chunks rather than the entire tab when heavily utilising this feature.

Many thanks for all the great features.

Something ive also been crying out for for a long time

I think I raised this as a slightly different idea… But ultimately without going into a completely revamped feature I’d just be happy with the instalment feature on the shared tab too :crossed_fingers:t2:

This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

I believe you can do this, by someone directly paying that person and then adding that transaction to the tab, and it being allocated 100% to said person.

The way me and some friends do it is after a hefty period of time, we’ll just go in and settle our part and then continue on. Some people won’t do that and then settle even more at the end.

Whatever works for each person, but yea, an easier option would be good… But then again, is that really the point in a tab - probably not - you’re probably meant to pay it all off.