Debt or rather "owed" pot?

Two persons owe me money and rather than me maintaining a spreadsheet, is there a feature (maybe in Shared Tab) in the Monzo app that allows you to:

  • Create a new pot
  • Enter amount owed and tag the persons. And perhaps a note (e.g. X amount per month, to be paid by YYYY).
  • Share the pot with the person so both you and that person can see the current status
  • The person pays into the pot (no outgoing from the pot) and you both see the debt being reduced.

This allows you to see full transactional history between the debt and the person.

The girlfriend and I used a shared tab for this sort of thing. Every month she puts the bills on there we share. (Adds a custom bill with 100% of the amount to me). When I get paid I hit the pay tab button to bring the balance up to date. When I pay in part I just add my own custom bill and then send the money.

This is the tab we are sharing for our upcoming g holiday. This is split, but you can add a custom bill where the other person has to pay 100%


I can think of three possible solutions to your problem:

  1. You could request the amount for the people who owe you using the Request feature in the Payments tab. Although, you’d need the ability to track these pending requests, which currently isn’t possible. The ability to manually send request reminders could also be useful.

You can vote for the ability to track pending requests here:

You can vote for the ability to manually send request reminders here:

  1. The ability to add notes to pots could also help since you’d be able to create a pot, set the goal as the total amount you’re owed and then put a breakdown of what you’re owed and why as a note on the pot.

  1. A Shared Tab could be used to do what you’ve suggested:
  • Create a Shared Tab with the person(s) who owe you money.
  • Add a manual transaction for the amount they owe you.
  • When they pay you back you can get them to add the amount they’ve paid you as another manual transaction.

Although the ability to partially settle a Shared Tab would help them easily pay you back when they can.

You can vote for the ability to partially settle a Shared Tab here:

Since you’d like to see a full transaction history between you and the people who are paying you back, I think option 3 if the best idea (as @StuartMac suggested).

If it’s a small amount and you think the other person would be able to pay you back in one go, then personally I think option 1 (with the ability to track requests in the Payments tab) is the best option.

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Thank you all for your responses - some excellent takeaways!

I did try the Shared Tab:

  • Create a new tab
  • Add tab name and friend
  • Click “Add bills”
  • Click “Add custom bill” where I enter the £409 as amount along with description
  • Adjust amounts however maximum seems to be stuck at 404.50 so I “owe” £4.50

Does this sound right?

If you click on the number £404.50, then you should be able to type the number you want (£409) in manually using a number pad.

Whoops! :joy:

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