Paid early not showing

Hi so I usually use the paid early scheme and I’m due to be paid tommorow but the paid early box thats usually there is not there today. I’ve heard rumors that monzo have been taking peoples money and its taking 6 weeks to get it back. I’ve tried asking on the live chat but no reply. I’ve also tried calling a number of times and no answer. Could somebody please shed some light as I need this money for Xmas presents otherwise my daughters Xmas will be ruined. Thanks.

This isn’t true.

Monzo have zero control over when you get paid. When they get it, they show it to you and then you can get paid.

You’re due to get paid tomorrow, you’ll just have to wait until then.

Is tomorrow your usual pay date or has it moved for Christmas? Your employer may be paying you via faster payment so you have it for Christmas, which means you won’t get it early.


No I know they don’t control when I get paid. I’m due to get paid tommorow but don’t get why it ain’t showing on the paid early like it normally does?

My usual pay date is last working day of the month but they’ve moved it forward to today

Which probably means it’s a faster payment so you’ll have to wait for tomorrow.

As @Revels said, maybe it’s not a BACS payment this month. Employers sometimes use FPS when paying people early. When Monzo get it, you’ll get it.

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Why do people post absolute nonsense like this online.


Tbf people say it about Revolut as it its common knowledge

Cheers for that

Mate as its said I’ve heard rumors it was a question

I’ve been paid monthly for about 2 to 3 years with Monzo. They have never ‘taken’ my money.

It isn’t a rumour, it’s a blatant inaccuracy. Monzo is a registered UK bank and can’t just ‘take’ money.


My payment for tomorrow is showing so your employer has more than likely decided to pay by faster payments

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Where have you heard these? Have you got a link please?

As i said I’ve heard rumors Jesus christ

From a freind

Ahh so it’s all from the one person. If it was written somewhere online we could have seen if they were possibly referring to something else and helped clear up the confusion.

There’s not much we can do with hearsay. Thankfully you now know that your friend wrongly advised you.


Monzo stole my Money on Facebook no doubt.

Feel free to join it, I go there when I need a chuckle. It never fails to amuse, I don’t ever post as anyone not conforming to their narrative gets kicked out. :rofl:

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And just to point it out, if payment doesn’t appear early, you should speak to your employer first, not Monzo.

Spoke to my employer first obviously. Listen I said to the freind it was bollocks I just thought I’d ask if anybody else had heard it as I’d never.

Oh well tomorrow your pay will hopefully arrive once it’s processed.