Salary not paid early

I’ve not been paid early. If you help make the payment for Monzo plus now, can I get paid today?

Hi. Paid early is a free feature and nothing to do with Monzo Plus.

Have you used paid early before? Are you due to be paid tomorrow? Does your employer definitely pay via BACS? A lot of places say it’s BACS but if it’s faster payments then you can’t get it early.

Yes we do get paid via bacs and yea ihave used pay early

Then your best bet is to check with your employer to make sure everything is okay their end.

If Monzo had it sent to them, they would be showing it to you from about 9am this morning, to claim at 4pm today. The fact it isn’t there means there might be an issue from your HR dept.

I would just hold tight, and check later. Worst case you will just end up getting paid tomorrow. :slight_smile:

There’s no need to contact anyone at your company until tomorrow, if you don’t get paid.

Is there a chance It will come through later?

It’s hard to say. Pay Early is not something Monzo guarantee, but you’ll still get paid tomorrow as normal.

Thank you both

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