Early payment not showing

Anyone else’s early payment not showing? I get paid every Thursday and I normally get my early payment notification this morning at around 8am it’s now 13:47 and still nothing I’m getting worried so any help would be brilliant as I can’t get through to anyone from Monzo

Hi. Welcome.

It’s nothing to do with Monzo, so you don’t need to chase them.

Has anything changed at work? The most likely cause is they haven’t actually sent the BACS payment yet.

Have a look here as someone else had similar yesterday;

I’ve spoke with HR they said everything went through fine

They do tend to say things like that. Monzo show it to you when they know it’s coming, so at the moment they don’t know.

It could be a delay somewhere before it gets to them or your employer might have an issue they don’t know about yet.

My company are really good with paying us I’ve been here 6 year and never had one problem with wages so it must be Monzo

It’s not Monzo.

Have a look at this post in the thread I linked you to

If it’s not showing in the app then Monzo don’t see it. @Revels speaks the truth here.

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Is they no way it could just be delayed in the app

Monzo are very good at spotting issues and letting you know about them in the app. Failing that you can check the status page https://monzo.statuspage.io which will show anything amiss, or check their twitter account. I can’t see anything mentioned right now.

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I’m really worried I’m not going to get paid especially when Hr have told me it’s definitely went through I’m hoping it just goes in tomorrow hopefully it does

Is it likely they are not paying by BACS this time, but doing a regular bank transfer instead, for whatever reason? It happens more often than you’d think (my employer has done this in the past). You would still get the money on the right day, but Monzo cannot do a “Get Paid Early” for that kind of transaction, nor can they show it in the feed ahead of time.

At this point your only option is to check tomorrow, and if the money isn’t there then you can speak with HR and find out what’s happened.

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Do you think it’s possible that I could get the paid early notification at 4 or not?

I would say unlikely.

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As above.

Monzo have always said not to become reliant on pay early. i.e. plan things around it.

Therefore you should only be concerned once your payday has passed. Even though HR are saying they’ve processed it, there are still other processes it goes through before getting to Monzo.

As soon as Monzo have it they will show it in your feed - otherwise they don’t know anything about it because it hasn’t got to them yet.

I could see my early payment this morning and when I logged in at 4pm it had disappeared…

Speak to chat, it may have been recalled by the sender

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Have you still not got yours mate?

I have they said nothing is showing up I’ve got bills coming out in the morning as well :tired_face:

That was in reply to the person saying theirs was showing this morning

Ahh okay