No paid early?

My payment is due on Monday & usually I get a paid early option on Friday. I’ve double checked with the payment provider & they’ve said payment is due on Monday. Is the option currently down?

Is the payment showing as upcoming in your feed?

You shouldn’t rely on this, if it doesn’t show then there is a chance it’s not been working successfully, or it’s slightly delayed.

You have until 4pm for it to appear, and if it doesn’t, then hold off until Monday to see if you get paid as expected. :slight_smile:

The status page indicates this is operational.

You can check here:

It’s possible your employer is using a different method to BACS this time though, or perhaps a delay on their end. Or they just fobbed you off. Employers aren’t usually aware of these things so if it’s not Monday yet, they’re not going to look into it properly.


Especially as it’s Friday, and pub day! :sunglasses:

No it isn’t on my feed which it usually is

Monzo show transactions as soon as they’re aware of them. Therefore it hasn’t hit their systems yet.

Perhaps your employer was late in sending it this time round, which explains why they said the below.


It’s also possible they didn’t use a BACS payment


So in conclusion.

Monzo can’t help with this because they’re not aware of the payment yet. Otherwise you’d be seeing it in your feed.

If it is normally showing by now then your employer has done something different this time. Delayed the payment or sent it differently to name a few. You’ll need to speak with them to determine exactly what it was but either way it’s too late now.


  • Cross your fingers it shows up in Monzo later today
  • Wait until Monday as that’s the date your employer states you will receive it.

If on Monday it still hasn’t arrived then I would be concerned but it seems like everything is planned for then so it should be fine :slight_smile:


I have a pay early due on Monday and it’s showing on my feed today


Same here so clearly no issues with Monzo!

If you are getting extra £ over normal then they may be sending by faster payments as a one off, which doesn’t appear in get paid early.

My employer just changed from Bacs to faster payment so I can’t use the pay early feature now. Not monzos fault obviously but a shame none the less. Looked forward to that satisfying money noise!


We’ll never know what happened :sob: