Paid early not showing

And they didn’t tell you it wasn’t BACS this month?


No need to have a go at people, money causes alot of stress , people always want to double check.


Aside from the issue of leaving it until 2 days before Christmas to get presents (because I just cannot!), I still think there is a bit of an education gap with regards Get Paid Early.

The people who use it don’t care that they are paid by BACS or by Faster Payments – all they are interested in is that they have the facility to get their money earlier than payday if they want to. When something like this happens, and an employer decides to switch from BACS to Faster Payments in order to pay employees sooner than normal, employees are rightly confused about why they cannot Get Paid Early and think it’s an issue with Monzo. The issue is how Monzo address this to reduce the number of people who are left concerned about their wages “going missing”. Perhaps they should do an email to alert people (the ones who tend to use it) at this time of year.


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Absolutely, at the end of the day, my company tell me the date I get paid. And for the most part it’s irrelevant to me what the back end payment system is. I just ‘care’ about the money being in my account on the date they say it will.

Like so many things in Banking, or anything really, there are a million and one systems, abbreviations, codes, practices etc that all result in “money gets spent” or “money comes in”, and for the most part the consumer doesn’t care what that back end process looks like, just that it works.


I can see from a user point of view how it can be worrying.
If you have used it before and your employer has told you it will pay you early then naturally you believe it will be the same as every month.
Unfortunately quite a few employers may switch to faster payments to help with the timeframes around Christmas.

When all this is over please don’t plan anything else around getting paid early - Monzo do warn of this.
Not only for some of the technicalities mentioned but for the fact that they can pull this feature at anytime.

Only be concerned once your payday has passed :slight_smile:


people need to stop relying on this paid early feature as it’s doing more harm than good, I don’t know why people are concerned not being paid when it doesn’t show a day before your pay day, remember the money is coming from your employer so it’s them you need to contact first if your actual pay date has come and you haven’t been paid not Monzo, there’s a lot of post on here about the same thing and I think Monzo will eventually pull this feature because of that like how they did when they introduced the lock pot feature

I think a big part of the problem here is Monzo trying to capitalize on a quirk of the old world banking systems as magic of their own creation. People who don’t know the ins-and-outs of these systems are duped into thinking Monzo is somehow doing something generous and special. In truth, having to wait until your actual payday was actually a downside of Monzo (vs the old world banks) before they introduced this. Even back when I had my first Saturday job and a Natwest account, I knew I could withdraw cash against Thursday’s pay on Wednesday night if I needed too.

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Indeed and I think often time many people think of BACS as bank transfer, not necessarily as the 3 days bank transfer. I’ve also had a couple of employers which state BACS on the payslip, but use faster payments (with very small firms it can depend on when boss inputs the payments)

It’s also worth bearing in mind that your employer could switch from BACS to faster payments at any time. Most employers will only be concerned that you get the pay on the agreed date, and that the fees are no more than they need to be paying