Early payment issues

Anyone have issues with the early payment system my employer is paying me tomorrow and ain’t had anything

You can only use the Get Paid Early facility if you are being paid by BACS. You should see your salary (in grey) at the top of your feed if that’s the case.

I do and have been for months

So your salary is showing in the feed, or not?

If it is, you will get a notification later this afternoon (I believe it’s around 4pm) when you will be able to claim your salary early.

If it isn’t, then you may need to check with your employer, they may have needed to pay by Faster Payments this month rather than BACS (it sometimes happens), in which case you won’t be able to claim your salary early.

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No salary in the fees and it appears a few of my colleagues from work and other businesses are having that issue

As @tbutz mentioned you’d be best advised checking with HR that they’ve processed it via BACS and there have been no delays from their end.

As soon as Monzo have information about your payment they show it. They aren’t reporting any issues on their status page so this points the finger towards your employer.

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Yep employer said nothing has changed a d they did the payroll yesterday to the bank it’s a issue with monzo

Similar post here? Could it actually be a Monzo issue?

If it is a Monzo issue, it’s worth noting that Monzo say that the Paid Early feature shouldn’t be relied on. Worst case should be just getting paid on time.


Could be a Monzo issue, but it’s not something people should be relying on, and Monzo make that clear as part of the process.

If it’s a Monzo issue there’ll be a large increase in these posts now it’s after 4pm

Agreed completely, just thought it was worth flagging the potential pattern.

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There’s topics weekly about the feature, with how many join to ask on here, and how many probably ask support every single day, I can see a time where this feature is taken away. It’s not worth the support hours.


Reminds me of locked pots. :sob:


Just for indication, my employer has paid salaries via Faster Payments since FP launched.
Yet all payslips continue to show BACS as the payment method :man_shrugging:

Here’s a shot of the latest slip from last week:

So even though you are told it is a BACS payment, the person may not know it truly is.
And even though a payslip may show it as BACS, it isn’t necessarily so.


Understood I will be contacting if its not in tonight

Indeed, the terms BACS and Faster Payment still seem to be used interchageably by many…


Contacting who? You don’t get paid until tomorrow, just hold tight.


So long as your payment goes in tomorrow, you’ll be fine. I’d wait until tomorrow before contacting any one at your employee’s business.


My business have not changed anything and payroll has said everything should go on as normal that was done yesterday so that indicates a issue on monzos end every employee working with us who monzo and I’m seeing statuses pop up with people with the same issue with different businesses… Its been escalated anyway and they will get in contact

Good news all sorted