Paid early

Hi I want to use the pay early option got my wages set up to be paid into monzo. My pay day is tomorrow but I don’t have the option?

Do they pay by BACS or bank transfer?

BACS yeah

can you see the money grayed out ready for tommoro?


Lots of places say they pay via BACS because that’s just a synonym they use.

If they were paying by BACS and you’re due to be paid tomorrow, you’d be able to see it by now.

if you had, it would be availabe after 4pm
as you do not see it, then it looks as if you may not have it coming in.

I know it’s definitely BACS

It’s not coming in then.

Contact your HR asap to see if there is an issue at their end.

I failed to do so, a few months back, and ended up with declined transactions as income did not arrive due to IT issue at source HR.

No issue at their end

My payslips state ‘Payment type = BACS’ and it has never, ever been BACS - always via Faster Payment. So I get no advanced notification and Monzo gets no advanced notification until that magic incoming funds sound emits from my phone when the payment lands a few seconds after it was entered by the paying party.


Someone had this issue last month - Early payment not showing

. . . but their money DID arrive on the requisite day.

So :crossed_fingers: it still arrives on payday,

Still nothing. Anyone ideas?

There is nothing that can be done. If Monzo don’t know about it, they can’t show it, and you cannot get paid early. It’s as simple as that.

It has been noted in the past that occasionally the first wage going into Monzo (i.e. the first since it was changed from your prior bank) will go via Faster Payments, simply because the process of setting up BACS is often done far in advance by the HR dept (or whoever). So it may be this wage will be faster payments and subsequent wages will be via BACS. It’s just one of those things.


Does anyone know what time faster payments to monzo lands?

If it gets past your usual payday that’s when it’s a concern. Try not to worry about it now.

Monzo is instant, so as soon as they get your money it will appear in your account. They aren’t reporting any issues so all should go as planned if HR have sent the payment on the usual date to your Monzo account.

To narrow this down:

  • Is this the first time you’re being paid by your employer (to any bank account)?

  • If you’ve been paid by your employer before, is this the first time you’ll be getting paid into your Monzo account (ie you’ve recently asked them to pay into a different account)?

  • If you’ve been paid by this employer into your Monzo account before, did you get a greyed out notification of your payment in your transaction fees prior to it arriving?

Faster payments are normally instant, so they will “land” when they’re sent from the other end. Wages sent by faster payments are unlikely to be sent and received outside of normal office hours.

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Does the getting paid early feature actually mean Monzo is advancing us the funds for a few hours (ie they give it to us at 4pm but the funds don’t arrive in Monzo until 12 hours later)?

Or are the funds already there at 4pm but most banks choose not to release it until the following morning?

Monzo gets notification that the funds are incoming 3 days before the transaction date. They then show it the day before as a greyed out upcoming transaction. Then you can claim the incoming transaction early at 4pm on the day before. Monzo basically release the funds to you on trust, early (although Monzo has probably already received the funds by then)