Paid early.....not for me

So I read about this pay early feature Monzo has introduced. Naturally this excited me, however even though the company I work for pay all staff through a BACS I haven’t had any notification or even anything show up in the app. Can anyone shine some light as to why I can’t get access to my pay early?

Thanks in advance :smile:

P.S yes I do get my salary paid directly in to my Monzo account

Do you usually see your salary in your account the day before it is due?

Can you see an upcoming payment greyed out in your feed? If you click through that there should be a blue box with the option to get it now.

See here; First salary payment for how to check if a payment is via BACS or by Faster Payments.

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This will be the first time I’ll be getting my salary paid in to it

I do not see any of those things sadly

How recently did you switch your salary to being paid into Monzo? It might be worth checking with your payroll department to make sure that the switch has taken place for this payday. Some companies take longer than others to switch.

I applied for my Monzo account on a Friday at the end of July/beginning of August card arrived on the Saturday (next day) told my pay role department on the Monday) Tuesday so did it really early on

If it doesn’t appear greyed out the day before it is due it may be a varying number of things:

  • BACS might not be set up for that account yet;
  • You may not get paid by BACS and therefore not able to use the feature;
  • Something else

If you’re expecting to get paid by BACS tomorrow you should definitely see a greyed out entry in your feed by this time of day. Sounds like either payroll has sent it to your old account or it’s not BACS after all.

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It might be worth force-quitting and reopening the app to make sure your feed is refreshed.

Definitely payed by BACS I’ve checked and when I told my payroll I had changed banks I triple checked all details to make sure there would be no mistakes

Sounds like you might have to wait until the morning to see what’s happened :pensive:

Generally, from the Home screen, you only need to tap on ‘Payments’ and then tap on ‘Home’ (basically leave the Home feed and then go back within the app) for the feed to refresh properly. No need to kill the app - although that works too!

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Indeed – force-quitting has become my go-to fix for some of the more annoying bugs in the new design.

When I saw them put in my account number and sort code on the system it came up as Monzo Bank so I would assume that Monzo is reconsised by my company’s systems I’m so confused

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It’s possible that Monzo won’t give you the option until they’ve seen at least one payment into the account from your employer (or any other payments via BACS). So this month will be ‘normal’ (the date your employer pays you) and next month will be the :monzo: version of ‘get-it-at-4pm-the-day-before’



Have you checked with your previous bank to see if they have anything pending? Are you sure your payment date is 30 August?

Even then you would still expect to see it pending.