Salary in to monzo account

Hi I was wondering if someone could help me please.

My salary is paid on the last working day of the month which is tomorrow by bacs. This is the 3rd time my salary will be paid to my monzo account.

The previous 2 times I could see the credit the day before in the app greyed out and it was available at 1am.

However today I cant see the credit greyed out. Does this mean I won’t receive my salary tomorrow? Or will it arrive as usual just not showing greyed out?

Has anyone else experienced this any help would greatly appreciated

It could be that your work are paying you by faster payment instead of BACS so Monzo have no way of knowing the amount at this stage. But if it doesn’t come through in the morning you should talk to payroll where you work.

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Maybe ask coworkers tomorrow if they have been paid yet.
Or ask whoever is in charge of pay if you haven’t been paid but were expecting it

Do let us know what happens

We are always paid via bacs.

1am is in a few hours just wait and see, I hardly doubt your wage wouldn’t come through. Unless there was a problem with the payroll system which you work would of informed everyone.

Have you given the app a full close down and reopen today? If you haven’t the feed may not have refreshed?

Yes tried that. The problem I have is monzo customer service say they cant see any incoming payment either. Is it likely going to be an issue with my employer as opposed to my bank?

Hard to say.

Have you got any colleagues you can check with? See if there salary is showing?

I’m paid via Faster Payments so only get the deposit notification as it happens. MrsW (also using our Monzo Joint Account) is paid via BACS and usually gets the advanced feed entry shown 1-3 days in advance, depending on where the payment date falls in relation to the weekend.

In the last 8 months, there have been a few occasions where the advanced feed entry didn’t show up until the very last minute. But it has never failed to actually receive the deposit on time.

Did you get paid?