Monzo paid me early.... without me asking

So I’m very familiar with the getting paid early function for Bacs. I get paid tomorrow (Thurs) and just got a notification the money had landed in my account. Without the “drag this wad of cash into the wallet” stuff that normally happens.

Was this a deliberate change? Accidental change? Have my work done something weird? Is it just me?

No complaints just wondering!

Strange, I used get paid early yesterday and it wasn’t automatic

You sure it wasn’t a faster payment this month?

You’ve been paid early. Although if via BACS it should have displayed in your feed a few days ago as a greyed out feed item at the top of your feed. If it didn’t, you’ve been paid by Faster Payments (not BACS)


It could well have been but I work for a large organisation who have used Bacs for the past 10 years so I probably would have heard about the change. I’ve asked other non monzo colleagues and they still haven’t been paid today so it seems likely I’ve been paid early without the usual app flow for some reason

Click on the transfer and scroll down to the bottom. If it shows the senders account number and sort code it’s BACS, if not it’ll say faster payment

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I assume I have been paid early. But that doesn’t explain the change in app flow to not ask if I want to be and then make me do the drag the cash fun.

I doubt I’ve been faster payments paid as above but maybe

I’ve never had the grey cash appear early until the day before pay day at 4pm when it shows up. Never 3 days. And I’ve been full monzo for a couple of years now

Neither of these show. Is that an iOS thing maybe? I’m on Android and have never seen that

It should be on both, under the salary sorter button and the logo change button

I’ve never seen this before on any transaction. I’ve checked some I know are faster payments and they don’t see either. I assume you’re on iOS and it’s iOS only

That’s a Faster Payment - but you can double check by downloading this month’s statement as a PDF. It will say on there.

Sometimes this happens when you’ve been paid a different amount for one month only… Or your employer forgot to run your payroll on time.


On my Android, payments via BACS show nothing at the bottom of the transaction, whereas payment via Faster Payments show a history at the bottom (Number of payments, Total sent, Total received)

There’s also a clue in the transaction subtitle, FP payments say "sent you’ under the name of the person/company paying you. BACS payments don’t.


Says total sent so definitely faster transfer

Xero was down most of yesterday so if your company uses them for payroll they might not have managed to get all the batches uploaded when it came back up just before 5


Perfect thank you. I can see on the statement it is faster payments. And normally it’s direct credit.

No idea why though! It my usual salary and I’ve checked lots of others who have not been paid today and will have to wait til tomorrow!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Both of those ring true for me too but I had never noticed. Good tip!


No extras/changes on your salary this month?

Maybe you got missed off the bacs run and they panicked!

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I wish. Sadly not.

I’ve logged a case with our HR department to see if they know why. I imagine I will get a response that doesn’t make any sense based on experience.


Perhaps they’ve changed payroll provider to one that does FPS instead of BACS. That happened to me before.

Glad to hear you got to the bottom of this @simonhunter87 :white_check_mark:

Excellent solution from @RichardL

Since you’ve been able to get to the bottom of this, I’ll go ahead and close this Topic up :lock: