New Starling Bank Feedback Thread

This is a killer feature

I think a credit card is inevitable, once business accounts are out. Monzo too will have to face up to this eventually.

Edit: to be clear, I realise they already have business accounts. I mean, it’s inevitable for any bank.

The list of their most recent features in the November update makes interesting reading against very recent monzo development - really seem to be chasing very similar goals.

It is crazy that people focus on the card and packaging!

I have both a Monzo and Starling account, with very little seperating the two. To be honest this is no different to the banking world of old. They each have similar goals and will eventually be major players I am sure.

The one and only difference will be customers and their loyalty. Each bank will now need to gather support and build its customer base. People are switching allegiances based on being able to upload a picture to a savings pot for heaven’s sake! They will need to wrestle and offer incentives, much like the interest that Starling now offer or branch out into other products like ISAs etc. Alternatively, you could all stick with Monzo for the card and packaging!

Again this is the same as any field and highlights the need to be customer centric.

In answer to the age old question, I am Monzo (wife prefers Starling🤮). This is not to dissimilar to our political views which also differ (she likes the one who rhymes with doorbin). Take from that what you will!

Both banks will grow, both will succeed, but only one will be crowned king! :crown::sunglasses:


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Just out of interest, what specific feature was it about Samsung Pay that was a deal breaker for you?

I also received a new business card without asking, they told me it was for compatibility with the post office.

I believe this was one of the reasons Monzo didn’t go with the post office for cash deposits.

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The main thing is the ability to pay with my watch as I own a galaxy watch - a feature I use heavily when out and about, super convenient :wink:

I actually after using the service yesterday prefer PayPoint; I’ve had IT issues with Barclays recently and decided I trust Monzo more with paying in the cash I was given as a gift.

The whole process took 30 seconds; OK there’s the fee but it beats a long queue at the Post Office and I can pay in on a Sunday. :stuck_out_tongue:


You could use Curve and have the same 0% fx fee.

Except there are usage limits for Curve, I think

They didn’t think to ask whether I would ever deposit cash though. It seems so wasteful to replace cards pointlessly.
I haven’t touched cash for my business ever

I have the old starling card … That packaging feels like a downgrade to me :frowning:

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The ambition is to have both eventually, so the best of all possible worlds

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There are very substantial differences when you scratch beneath the surface.

Contacts access
Transaction and withdrawal limits
Overseas usage

To name but a few

There are differences and I acknowledge that. The point I was trying to make is that these two banks will constantly be learning from one another and develop ideas based on user base.

I have a feeling that in two years time the banks will have converged to an even greater extent, with a few distinctions linked to business accounts etc.

In my mind, even though they are similar and people usually bank with both, they are ultimately aimed at different groups (main focus). Some of the functions you highlighted above as differences, do not affect/interest me but could be a game changer for others.

Both Monzo :rocket: and Starling :star2: have their positives and negatives. Ultimately it will come down to loyalty and belief in a brand.

The customer must be and always remain king :crown::sunglasses:


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