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I have both Monzo and Starling cards and have followed both from the early days. Starling is always ahead - first to get a banking licence, first to get current accounts, first to get Android Pay, only one so far to have Apple Pay payments and Apple Pay current a/c top-up, only one to integrate with Yolt.

So if I were an unfeeling AI robot I should choose Starling, so why do I always favour and always champion Monzo?

The answer is:

  • they feel less corporate
  • they act less corporate
  • they have outstanding customer service (although Starling’s is very good too)
  • they explain everything (the need to introduce overseas ATM fees and their engagement with their customers was a masterclass in customer interaction)

So whilst I’m left feeling a little frustrated I can’t yet use Monzo with Apple Pay, can’t do in-app top-ups via Apple Pay, doesn’t integrate with Yolt, I’m STILL sticking with Monzo.

And that’s the power of fostering genuine loyalty and genuinely caring about your customers.


That sums it up for me, too. :+1:


You missed Fitbit Pay :wink:


No one will miss Fitbit Pay :wink:


I will miss fitbit pay


I think you are wrong there is a huge following of Fitbit Pay here;


Very kind words, Andy. Thank you so much.

We don’t believe in being first simply for the sake of it. We believe in doing things the right way for us and our community. All of us who work here could tell you about many “shortcuts” we could have taken to launch this first, or that first - but why not spend the time doing it the right way? :blush:

Ultimately we want our app to be delightful. Every part of the experience should bring you some kind of joy - not just in comparison with other challenger banks , or even banks in general - but in comparison with the best apps and services out there, from anyone!

Whether it’s something as seemingly simple as sending money to a friend, or talking to customer service, or even simply checking your balance - we think you ought to have a warm fuzzy feeling from it :blush:

I imagine that the cynical folks out there might read this and scoff - and that’s fine. Some people are perfectly fine to have detachment from their financial services, but we think it’s better to be inclusive. It’s what has driven us this far, and I personally think that we’ve been able to grow such an awesome community because people can see that we actually mean this :blush:

We aren’t trying to build something better just because technology exists - tech is just a means to an end. We are trying to build something better because we genuinely believe we can do something amazing and reach a billion people to improve everyone’s lives! :blush:


A sentiment all tech companies would do well to bear in mind - don’t leave UX to engineers :wink:


Don’t forget shareholders and investors would like to improve their lives at some point :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have both Starling and Monzo accounts and have used the current account switching service to move everything from Halifax to Starling.

What I prefer about Starling:

  • Current account switching service
  • Being able to set a picture for contacts that I’m sending money to or letting it just import those pictures from my address book
  • No limit on overseas cash withdrawls
  • Interest payments

What I prefer about Monzo:

  • I can run it on a rooted device.
  • I can search through my transactions
  • It tries harder to get logos and locations of where transactions occur, even if these are sometimes incorrect.

The most important one for me is being able to search! Without that, I’d rather go back to a legacy bank account that has a website and I can ctrl+f to try and find a transaction. I didn’t really consider it until I switched to Starling but it is incredibly frustrating.


Can someone explain the appeal of Apple Pay vs just using a debit card? Is it just the convenience of not having to carry a card around?

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Leaving home without my wallet or Monzo debit card in pocket is the only reason I’ve needed Apple Pay. To me it’s useful as a fall-back, and the only time I use my legacy debit card.

  • Apple Pay doesn’t have the £30 limit, and is in theory unlimited (if the terminal has been updated) as it is more secure. If not, Apple Pay works the same as the upto £30 contactless.
  • Your card details are never shared by Apple when you use Apple Pay, so is actually a safer, more private way to pay.
  • Is safer because it requires fingerprint/face identification to activate it.
  • No need to carry your cards around.

convenience! I love apple pay and use it whenever I can for small payments, and sometimes for larger (where permitted ie apple, M&S etc). I have an apple watch so a trip to get a coffee at work just needs a quick tap of the wrist…

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or your brother’s face :wink:


As far as I am aware Apple Pay is my only option thay does not exchange either my personal data , nor the details of my bank in order to transact a payment. Also it “just wortks” it is fast and it is easy. I have had Apple devices for a decade, recently Apple seems to have entered a secod childhood. It’s software and interface is mostly about trivial and ideotic, not to mention childish stuff.The moment I think Apple is just another Android I will destroy the phone and looose my most trusted device. But that’s my choice, since in the meantime I have paid a lot to be a part of the ecosystem, including my daughters, whom I want to protect.Apple is going after stupid “styleistic” detai and looosing its reputation for integrity. It is akso seeking to make a finacial killing. Shame! I also have an Android phone but I trust it much less. What a pity we are living in an era wheretech is just a loadf of crap!


  1. It’s more secure.
  2. It’s faster (since you can use contactless for a purchase of any amount).
  3. It’s more private than a contact chip transaction (like any contactless, your name isn’t sent to the merchant… But now you can have that privacy for transactions over £30).

Apple Pay is more secure as your 16-digit PAN is tokenised so your real
card number never passes through the payment network. It’s also convenient,
I never forget my phone but may forget my wallet. And as others have said
for some retailers such as M&S and Waitrose, there’s no £30 limit.


I’m in the same boat, however a big one for me is also the User Interface, starling just isn’t friendly to me. Where as Monzo has a friendly, welcoming, easy to use feel.


Not for me.

I mean, I’m a customer with both, but for me, a pre-paid card with little integration is really not that interesting. I am still a customer, I want to see how things will change.

They are both instant real-time platforms. They are both easy to access. But with Starling, I can pay with AndroidPay easily, and I can have my salary directed to that account, which helped me drop HSBC once and for all.

I want quick, fast, reliable digital integrations. I want a secure platform that will minimise my need for admin. At the moment, I can’t have that with Monzo. On top of that, I go to Italy twice a year and in the winter I go to the alps and I usually need more than 200EUR. And, as much as it’s fine the way Monzo got to spread the ATM costs, I am still able to have it for 0 with Starling.

So… all and all… right now Starling is doing the job and Monzo is just cool. It’s nice to be able to showcase the colourful card around, but it’s still way behind.