Switch to Starling or be loyal to Monzo

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I’ve been a lurker for a while, so I finally decided to start contributing to the forum.

The problem is I have a Monzo account and my gf has a Starling account and she keeps nagging me to join and convert to a joint account with them.

The only major differences between them both is difference in how cash deposits work and cheque pay on via app.

How has Monzo managed to achieve nearly 5 million customers and Starling just over 1 mill

But the app is better with Monzo


My guess is they have really good marketing team…

The hot coral card draws attention and the holoagrapic plus card and now the metal card.

My gf does like blue holographic card she was in a supermarket and seen a few already and it gets people talking

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What’s stopping you having both?

In 2020 loyalty means nothing. Give Starling a go alongside Monzo. You’ll find some things work better in Starling and some things work better in Monzo.


Being “loyal” to a bank is mental.


But Monzo have changed my life finicially I manged to get out of a cycle of debt with Monzo because of their features.

I don’t want to go into to much detail but I used to gamble quite a bit and to my understanding at the time they added a gamble block and the first to do it and added it and things started to change


And I’m sure they benefited from your custom too.

We all love Monzo (that’s why we’re here) but if you want to go to a different bank then go for it. Or keep both. Don’t let strangers on the internet convince you otherwise, do whatever suits you and your gf best.


Loyal to a bank?? OMG…
Not happy with Monzo close it and open Straling
Not happy with Starling close and so on…
Why you want to keep Monzo ? If no benefits for you.
Tbh I think 5m customers is a biggest Monzos mistake. Now they struggle with customer support and inactive accounts cost


Just keep the Monzo, and open a Starling account. You don’t need to overthink it.



Many people - myself included - have both.


I have both.

Startling is nice for cash, cheque, EUR account.

Plus it is always best to have your own stash of money out side of the joint account.


I have both, and I’d switch to Starling full time if they had the same budgeting features as Monzo.
As of now I can’t live without shared tabs and bill splits on Monzo, that’s what’s keeping me.


I’ve got both, Monzo as the main account because the budgeting stuff is miles ahead, and the Starling account is like being with a traditional bank with a decent app


Use Monzo CASS out and sign up to a ‘traditional’ bank that has a big switching bonus, get the bonus and then go to Starling.


Update. Starling declined me and for curiosity Monzo declined my gf lol


Problem solved then :man_shrugging:

Strange world of banking.

I am another who has both.


They must be monitoring this forum! Clearly your loyalty is too strong with coral and teal preventing from having both accounts!


I’m just here for the conversation at this point :see_no_evil:

And because I can’t convince my other half to join the dark side so I still need a JA

Monzo had a working product before Starling. Even though it was only a prepay card and not a full bank account it generated buzz and momentum.

From personal perspective, I tried Monzo prepay card and found it met my needs and then never bothered trying Starling when it was launched. If the launch dates were reversed I suspect I’d probably be using Starling.

Never be loyal to a bank. Plus, having your eggs in one basket is dangerous. Any bank can close your account, their payment network could stop working… There’s endless things that “Could” happen. Give them both a go. It’s not going to do any harm, the basic accounts are free :slight_smile:

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I had thought Starling had a working app before Monzo?

I mean Mondo came from Tom basically saying I can do it better to Anne. Mondo was then established about a year after Starling.

Edit: just checking a date on the public versions and yep Monzo was ahead you’re right.

A year later in establishing, and a year earlier in launching.

I joined start Starling first so missed a lot of that fun.