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On the point of Starling… I don’t know why this thread needs to decend into a virtual back and forth about whose better.

There are people who actively use both products, who comment on how they work and offer feedback on their experience.

Then there are people who just sit on the other forum, waiting for news about Monzo, to report it back and start flinging mud.

Information will always reach both forums because of how many crossover customers there are - But it’s really hard to interpret the tone of a message, if you don’t follow the other forum (this works for both Monzo and Starling).

There are a few people on the Starling forum, who simply stay there to “big up” Monzo, and criticise Starling at every opportunity they get (not real names, so no idea who they are).

Likewise there are a few people on this thread who seem to drive the knife further into Starling at every opportunity they get.

You don’t seem to have it the other way (from my experience of both forums), where people are overly pro Starling.

I get there is nothing people can do about an open forum, and in this day and age you’ll always get a bit of a keyboard war at times - But I don’t think Monzo customers should feel the need to defend their bank, on a different forum to where the initial comment came from.

This community is one of Monzos greatest resources - It doesn’t need to defend itself and it’s product.

Lastly, for someone not on both forums, the impression you get is that the Starling forum just talk about how bad Monzo is - That is far from the truth. Most people are extremely complimentary about Monzo (the product). They will often say “Can Starling do this? Because Monzo do and it’s great”.

There is very little real negativity about Monzo (sarcastic comments aside), and it’s more pro Monzo than here at times :joy:

Anyway, I just wanted to say that, because both forums are great, and the people on both are great as well.


I agree with this a lot. If someone says something that makes me feel bad or that I believe to be wrong it doesn’t mean I have to do anything about it :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s a lot to be said for accepting other people’s views as being as as valid as your own, especially when that is difficult


But as a wise person once said ‘everyone is entitled to their own views but they are not entitled to their own facts’


Sure, that’s in the definition of a fact :slightly_smiling_face:. An interesting question, do I need to correct someone who is portraying something as a fact when I believe it not to be so?

My answer in the context of a competitor bank forum is probably not

Thinking about it I feel that people often implicitly present opinion as fact pretty frequently. So if I need to do something about it every time I’d forever be arguing and annoying people

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Not sure what happened there I’ll repost :slight_smile:


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Hey Everyone,

If possible could you please continue the discussion on vertical cards here :arrow_right: Vertical Card Discussion (All Banks) 💳

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Don’t lose your Starling card while abroad :joy::joy::joy:
For £60 fee I will happily pay my back-up legacy bank’s charges :rofl:

From their brand new FAQ:

I’ve lost my card when abroad, will you send me a new one?
Yes, however our processes for this are currently highly manual, so it is available at a cost of £60. We find that secure delivery is a challenge when our customers on holiday are moving from place to place.

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£60?? Unless Anne is hand delivering it by private jet it seems a bit steep


With this fee it is almost guaranteed that free overseas ATM withdrawals won’t be removed :sweat_smile:


£20 for a paper statement


Not everyone who goes abroad loses their card by the way. I sure you know that :joy:

£60 is just ridiculous just seems like Starling plans to take advantage of a bad situation.


Per request. Hopefully not per individual statement. :thinking:


Or per page :joy:


If you request 1 statement to prove your address but you only use the account very occasionally it might end up like that though

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It seems Starting Bank are trying to polish their legacy rust. Mega-lolz!!


Well, at least the charges are clear. Eye wateringly clear.

All that chat about overdraft charges and then Starling do this :joy: