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Starling Vs Monzo = Apple Vs Android
All pretty irrelevant, just pick which you prefer. Not a lot of difference between the two.
Starling support not as open, but quite quick, but also not as blunt/rude as monzo
Feature wise, very similar (starling maybe just ahead with bigger features) monzo more of the smaller polishing features.

I have never ever known Monzo customer service to be blunt or rude.


This is worrying - do you have any examples that you’re comfortable sharing? (I think that @simonb or @HughWells would like to know, too, so any problems can be fixed).


I’m really sorry that that this has happened @anon51649695 :disappointed: I’d really like to look into this so I can pass back any feedback to the relevant people, or escalate it to a specialist if you’d like.

We never want to appear blunt or short with customers, and the Monzo tone of voice guide is something we try to follow to make sure all our conversations are clear, concise and delightful. It is so disappointing to hear we fell short in this case and as I say, I’d like to look into this to make sure it doesn’t happen again and so we can make it up to you.


Hey everyone! :wave:

Just reading through this thread, I’m concerned that it’s becoming a little too focussed on discussion of the Starling forum and how it’s moderated.

The purpose of this thread is to chat about Starling’s app and features. We want to avoid inter-forum drama where possible, so let’s keep it on-topic. From now on we’ll be removing posts that that don’t add to the conversation here.



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Heaven forbid we have humour on this forum.


Do you though … do you :thinking:

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When they have been rude ? They always seem super nice :+1:t3:

It’s the entertainment source. Great humour reading the comments .

Setting up payments/payees is a lot easier than monzo


Interesting to see the mention of getting into insurance. It wasn’t too long ago that the line was they wanted to do current accounts well, so they’d be sticking to this. Now we have loans and potentially insurance. It’s all looking very legacy and I can’t see the marketplace being very successful if the companies on there are competing with the bank.


Had a re-read of that paragraph. They are talking about offering it through the marketplace, so they would earn a fee for signups that they handle.

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I think that section is confused:

We’re also looking to get into insurance. The current insurance climate is quite frankly a pain and particularly the services that you only consume annually - home insurance, car insurance etc - they’re never going to get an app onto your phone but they can be a tile in the marketplace. We’d even be able to take out the identity checks and form filling.

The bit in italics makes it sound like Starling wants to do insurance directly, but the bit in bold implies marketplace to me.


The bit I found most interesting was about identity and authentication:

Rather than using your social media account to log into financial services it’s far more likely to use your banking identity to log into other non-financial services. We have strong anti-impersonation, KYC established identities, something the tech giants can leverage.

It’s been happening for years on the internet using one account to log into other services, and that’s what Starling wants to do with its current account, among other things, to save customers time and money.

There’s a lot of mileage in that, I think, that Monzo and others could also capitalise on.


Surely with Open Banking this is going to be possible with almost all banks realistically, though?

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Depends how other banks handle authentication.

Nobody is going to use their banking login if the UX is a disaster and they need to remember 10 different passwords and PINs.

If they want this to go mainstream it should be as simple as “Login with Facebook”.