New Starling Bank Feedback Thread

All things Starling here…






Looks like Euro accounts are nearer than I expected



Credit cards :eyes: this I’ll be explore

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Perhaps I’m being stupid here but why talk about Starling when this is supposed to be all about Monzo?

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There are feedback threads on many other fintechs. It generally interesting to see what companies are up to and what people’s experiences are of them. I wouldn’t have known about Emma if they did not have a thread on here.

People often see Starling as a competitor with Monzo, rather than a companion in changing the status co away from the entrenched banking establishments.

The previous Starling thread had a tendency to stop being feedback and interest about what Starling offer, and turn into (sometimes unpleasant) bickering about who was better.

Which was a shame, as I was always interested to know what they were working on.


It’s also a place for like minded people, interested in fintech, to talk

It is in the context chat section so it’s all good in my opinion…
Anyway, we may as well get things on topic.

I received a new card from starling the other day, the packaging was lovely. high quality paper and a very nice font in my opinion. The new card looks great.20181207_171910


The font is pleasing, ngl. So’s Monzo’s - just in a different way

Always carry Starling when going abroad, don’t think you can beat 0 FX fees (using MasterCard rate same as Monzo) and unlimited fee free withdrawals.

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I agree the packaging is very up market and professional , not so sure about the card though, don’t really like the colour - personal opinion obviously

This one will likely end up the same way unfortunately - its the nature of the beast. Hopefully without the unpleasantness though! They ARE competitors even if neither company wants to position themselves that way, and ultimately they are both after the same customers. Sure as a customer you can have both (I do) but both Monzo & Starling really want you to use them as a main account, and you can only have one of those :slight_smile:

I personally use Starling as my main current account, did my CASS transfer just over a month ago and i’ve had nothing but good things to say about them so far. Everything works well, the app is simple & well designed and just works. International travel with it was fine (No problems in Turkey for 2 weeks, withdrawing a fair chunk of Lira). This week we finally got the “coin jar” functionality that Monzo has had for a while, so now there is nothing I am personally missing from my Monzo account. Had my first interest payment from them too the other week :slight_smile:

Starling won me over purely because they support Samsung Pay, and Monzo have made it very clear that is not a priority for them (fair enough, each to their own). I still have my Monzo account open for the time being and am keeping an interest in developments over here(never know what will happen in the future) but so far really happy with Starling, and I don’t regret my decision whatsoever.

The main thing I feel Starling is missing is a community forum like this (they had one, but it was closed down) however it’s not a dealbreaker by any means (and Samsung pay was!).


Strangely, they sent me a new card for my personal and business account, although I think I only asked for my personal. Never handle cash for my business anyway.

I do wonder with these new cards and the monzo investor card whether the cost is really worth it. I’ve had so many cards from Starling already. Sooooo wasteful

This is a killer feature

I think a credit card is inevitable, once business accounts are out. Monzo too will have to face up to this eventually.

Edit: to be clear, I realise they already have business accounts. I mean, it’s inevitable for any bank.

The list of their most recent features in the November update makes interesting reading against very recent monzo development - really seem to be chasing very similar goals.

It is crazy that people focus on the card and packaging!

I have both a Monzo and Starling account, with very little seperating the two. To be honest this is no different to the banking world of old. They each have similar goals and will eventually be major players I am sure.

The one and only difference will be customers and their loyalty. Each bank will now need to gather support and build its customer base. People are switching allegiances based on being able to upload a picture to a savings pot for heaven’s sake! They will need to wrestle and offer incentives, much like the interest that Starling now offer or branch out into other products like ISAs etc. Alternatively, you could all stick with Monzo for the card and packaging!

Again this is the same as any field and highlights the need to be customer centric.

In answer to the age old question, I am Monzo (wife prefers Starling🤮). This is not to dissimilar to our political views which also differ (she likes the one who rhymes with doorbin). Take from that what you will!

Both banks will grow, both will succeed, but only one will be crowned king! :crown::sunglasses: