New plus card came! But already opened 😫

I don’t know if it’s maybe just got ripped in postage but card looks great but I can’t really take risk Incase a neighbour opened and took a pic of it… shame

Messaged live chat but I assume I have to activate this new card to replace or just wait on live chat?

That’s a real shame!

I think you’re right though, I personally wouldn’t activate it and freeze it via OPS if you can, no way would I take or expect to take that risk.

Gutted for you to be fair :frowning:


Agreed. I would not activate either. Just in case card number recorded by a third party.

Also now that you have publicly said that it may have been compromised, you might be liable for any fraud on it.

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It’s not activated. Old card is still active.

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Oh, I know - I just mean better safe than sorry. 100% have it replaced.

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That card came really quick

It must depend on where you live but I too have always been silly impressed with the speed of card delivery. When I initially signed up I got the card next day as well so it’ll be interesting to see if I get the plus one today too.

Yeah, same boat on the initial sign up…soon see!

I’d be gutted! Sorry to hear this. Deffo can’t take the risk :pensive:

I’m sorry to hear that, but dang that card looks good!

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Mine arrived this morning, it looks great.

Not that it matters as it’s straight into the depths of my wallet never to be seen again but still, for those brief few moments in the sunshine this morning, ZING!! :wink:


Defo don’t activate, order a replacement as others have said.

This happened to my card also, it looks like the envelope is just a little bit too tight. It pops open.

I ordered a new, new card via chat without activating, just to be safe!

I wonder if this will be a widespread issue?


Mine was open about a quarter of the way along, and opened the rest of the way by just squinting at it.

It looks like the envelopes are just bad rather than someone taking a peek at yours - but now that it’s open you don’t know if someone did take a peek.



This happened to mine too :eyes:

Likewise here. Roughly a quarter of the strip.

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Both ours were partially opened.

Think it may be an issue with sealing them?

No issue with mine what so ever. How odd :confused:


I’m holding out for my new hot coral card after my old one started to not work in chip and pin in the last week.

Will the envelope be open