Monzo card still hasn't arrived

Hi good afternoon!
I ordered a Monzo card a couple of weeks ago and it still hasn’t arrived (UK). I’ve just reordered another one today. If by some miracle the first one does actually arrive before the second, would I be able to activate that one and use it? The post service around my house is notoriously bad haha.
Thanks for any help!


Whichever one arrives first you can activate I believe as Monzo won’t actually cancel the first one as it isn’t active anyway.

Yep as above.

Just activate whichever arrives and then cut up the other one (if it arrives). It’s useless if it doesn’t get activated.

I ordered one last Sunday in preparation for cancelling Plus. It came in 2 days so shouldn’t be taking that long.

Off topic incidentally, when I cancelled Plus it tried to force me to order a new card but a force quit of the app allowed me to activate the replacement I ordered before I cancelled.

If the first one arrives first and you activate that then you can keep the second as a spare.

The other way around doesn’t work tho!

But how would you know which is which?

Good to know, Dan! But how does this work practically? I have a “spare” hot coral card (which I never activated as it crossed with my Monzo Plus card order). But could I activate it without ordering a new one?

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