Replacement card - envelope has been opened

After being the victim of fraudulent transactions on my business account twice in the last two months, I have received my 2nd replacement card this morning in the post.
This has very obviously been opened and re-sealed with Sellotape.

I have just chatted with Monzo support and they have advised me to activate the card regardless.

This does not sit well with me, because as soon as I activate the card if the card details have been stolen, they will be able to use these details?

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Go back to support and tell them you want a new card.


I’d go back to them and tell them that you’re uncomfortable and ask for a new card.

Can you order a new one in the app?


Presumably Monzo support’s line is that it must have accidentally come open in transit and been resealed by the Royal Mail?

Except that’s a tear strip that looks to have been deliberately torn off, and the sellotape is plain as anything.

One would expect an accident to be more irregular or incomplete, or for the ‘stuck’ side to have come off rather than the tear strip.

And if the Royal Mail had resealed it, they would have used branded tape or sealed the whole envelope in a ‘this came open in transit’ bag.

In short, I think you’re right to trust your gut feeling and treat the card as compromised, and I too would expect Monzo to issue another replacement without arguing. At the very least, I would want to avoid putting myself in a situation when after later fraud another Monzo COp turns around and says “Why did you use the card when the envelope was open? You didn’t take proper care so we’re going to hold you liable for these losses.”


I think Royal Mail also add a note of some kind saying sorry if it happened their end.


That is either a terrible support agent who really doesn’t care, or the guidelines they follow do not follow strict enough security protocols. Neither is acceptable.


I’m absolutely astounded they would tell you to do this.


Should be able to choose an option saying it didn’t arrive and order another.


It probably did, but for a customer support agent to tell someone “oh yeah don’t worry it’ll be reet” is not ok.


Thanks all - after another, rather convoluted chat with the CSA they are sending me another replacement card.

Echoing the sentiments above - I’m dumbfounded why the original CSA would even suggest activating the card, knowing that the envelope had been opened and card potentially compromised.

The original reason I required a replacement card was that I had a number of fraudulent transactions a couple of weeks ago, which was confusing as this was on a brand new card and had never left my home office - I suspect this one may have been compromised before I received it now as well.

Does anyone have any experience with reporting these incidents to Royal Mail - is it even worth the effort?

Thanks again


Never had cause to use it myself so can’t speak directly to what the experience is like, but the Royal Mail have a form on their website for reporting crimes, security incidents or concerns.

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