Opened envelope on card arrival

I have received my new holographic card a couple of days ago. It was way faster than I expected - I would have been over the moon if I wouldn’t have realised that the envelope has been opened.

I’m now worried about activating my card as I don’t know who opened it and why. I tried contacting Monzo via email but no response. I tried calling but my issue does not fit into any emergency topics that were listed by the robot and I don’t want to abuse the system. I can’t get into in-app chat - it just simply won’t let me. I only got offered faq topics which do not mention what to do in this case.

What should I do? Also, why is in-app chat not available anymore?

Hi. Welcome.

If you search “contact” it should appear. They are trying to get people to self help first, but this obviously won’t appear in a help topic (not yet anyway)

Chat will tell you not to activate the card and they will replace it FOC. It’s been quite a common issue.

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Thanks a lot! I’ve found the chat option - it’s well hidden :smile:

Random, exact same thing happened to me and I asked for new card as didnt want to activate the opened card.

There’s already been some discussion about it over here:

Thank you! I should have probably done a search before opening the topic. To my defense, I’m new to community, signed up only for this as I got desperate after the call today.


To be honest I think it makes sense for there to be a topic in Help about it as it’s the first place people will probably come to.

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Thank god I found this chat, mine was opened too! It’s a good envelope and there is no way it could be opened through transit imo. I wonder if it is known what they are. Good shout on typing contact, I’ve read so many FAQs!

My 3rd replacement came and it was fully open again​:triumph::triumph::triumph:

I’ve had my first card through and it’s perfectly sealed with a label attached I assume to prevent the seal from tearing


This was my 3rd one - all 3 was the same

Woah, that’s promising… :worried:

Mine arrived this morning, all good and intact :+1:

Mine arrived today with the perforations half open. Given the number of reports of it being a little open as well as fully open, I strongly suspect this is just a badly fitting envelope with weak perforations rather than people opening mail, though I see why you’d want to be sure if fully open.

Not sure why this envelope has a tear strip at all.

Oh no! :grimacing:

Do you know when this card was ordered? :slight_smile:

Any Plus cards ordered since Monday afternoon will have gone out with a sticker to keep the envelope secured in transit :email:

If you’re able to order another / reach out to us in chat, we can get a 4th (and hopefully final :wink:) card out to you :postbox:

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I must have been lucky, after seeing all these, my first one and only one came fully sealed.

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Thanks for the response, hope you’re well.

Each time they came a day after each other :slight_smile: it was weekend when I ordered it so that’s probably why! Hopefully the one that chat as just ordered me will be the finale one :))

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