Card envelope opened by neighbour

Hi. I waited so tight for my card to arrive, and this morning my neighbour knocked at my door, and handed me my black Royal Mail envelope torn, with the excuse that his girlfriend’s first name is similar to mine, and she opened it. Shouldn’t I have taken it? I saw myself standing in the doorway with the damaged envelope in my hand when he just smiled and went away.
Could they use the card in some way if it has not been activated through my phone? They also don’t have my pin.

In theory they could have written down the card details and attempt to use it online at a later date.

But it can’t be used until activated in the monzo app.

If you’re concerned at all feel free to request a replacement card in app :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s likely a genuine mistake and your neighbour is unlikely to be able to do anything but if you’re concerned then you can order a new card via the app though you may have to activate that one first


Thank you for your prompt answers. I shall definitely submit a request for a replacement. I don’t know how genuine his excuse was, but I did not trust him one second.


I would feel the same. It’s always best to be over cautious when it comes to something like this.

As mentioned, request a replacement through in app chat - I’d recommend that mark your conversation as urgent too :slight_smile:

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You don’t need to start a conversation, just freeze card and request a new one


I’d want some proof that I’d reported it as potentially stolen should the worst happen. It’s up to the OP though :slight_smile:

Personal view, given what was written by OP, is that it was a genuine mistake - why give it back? why tell you? - and so I would probably just rock on

However, as per a phrase I saw on a recent security breach email, through an abundance of caution it would be perfectly reasonable to get it replaced


Well, Michael’s idea seems reasonable that they could have simply not tell me at all. I don’t know, I don’t want to be wooden headed and refuse to accept a reasonable explanation. However, I will definitely ask for a replacement, though I don’t understand why I still need to activate this one, and subsequently freeze it.
I’ll start a request on my app anyways. Thanks for the encouraging thoughts everyone. I was really upset, initially. Feeling like the world it’s just impossible to trust anymore. I waited so much for that card, and now I have to wait again.

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I don’t think you do. Just order a new one then activate that when it arrives.

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I’d replace the card indefinitely. Depending on how the package was presented to you I wouldnt run the risk of any potential fraud.

Unless you 100% trust your neighbour there’s nothing to say this wasnt deliberate. They could have easily felt the card inside and thought they could get away with scamming you until they realised it needed activated…

Unless they were off their face through drink or drugs then there’s no excuse for opening mail unless it has your name on it. The excuse given just doesnt cut it for me…

and your postman is an idiot by the way…


Exactly, that was my initial thought, Brian. I ALWAYS triple check the name on an envelope!
The postman delivered it through the mail cut in the door, nevertheless. He’s not responsible.
It’s my “fault”, accepting moving in a house of 8 flats, and with numberless other tenants whom none of them I know. Monday I will go to the renting agency and ask to be moved. That’s the reason why I yet haven’t ordered a new card. This place never made me feel safe.
If I still want to be skeptical, I don’t think that they wanted a bank card, as nobody knew I made a Monzo account. But they knew that just like them, I am waiting for my NINo. Therefore, there’s more to say about my happening. One can’t do much with a stolen bank card, but can do many with a stolen identity.
I don’t know. It’s just the way it is.

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A replacement should hopefully come pretty quickly. I was surprised that even right before Christmas my replacement card (I went for one with Investor flair as could not resist) arrived within three days - impressive

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Yes, definitely replace it. No guarantee they didn’t copy the details and are waiting for you to activate it.


I’ve presented my situation on the chat of my Monzo app, but I felt too embarrassed to opt out for an emergency, as I’m sure that there are other more serious cases of stollen wallets or fraud that need emergency.
I hope that they can reach me back till New Year’s Eve.
Do you think that is possible that they send it as as a registered letter so I can sign for it? I would gladly pay for this kind of option, if it is available.

Hey @aprilosix :wave:

We’ll try to get back to you a bit quicker than that :blush: I’ve passed it on for someone to get back to you - I think someone should give you a message shortly :raised_hands:


Honestly, it’s a case of trust but verify… I truly, truly believe your neighbour is almost certainly telling the truth. Assume the best in people, but plan for the worst. Don’t let yourself think he did something negative, I’m sure he didn’t… but plan on the idea that he did. Get it replaced, but don’t let yourself think negatively of others.

There is one person on the planet I trust with my account details, other than myself.


You really helped me a lot, guys! Thanks so much, you all! Especially, HughWells, but not only!
Unfortunately, too many times I’ve seen people doing terrible things when it comes about trust, Allie. I used to be a very naive person, and my way of being still betrays that, the reason why some happen to take me easily. I’m too friendly, and give too much credit to people before I get to know them.
But I was born with Asperger’s, and I’m still working at overcoming that.
It’s a hard work.
Cheers to all, and Happy Holidays, or what’s there left from them. :slight_smile: