Open Monzo Plus card with fingerprints on it

I have just received the Monzo Card. It was open and the card was dirty and full of fingerprints.!

I don’t feel safe activating it.



Order a new one.

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Definitely don’t activate that one, that has absolutely been removed from the envelope and (badly) replaced.

If you look at the rest of the community you’ll see there’s a known problem with the envelopes tearing open in transit, and that your replacement will be sent with a sticker across the tear strip to prevent the problem happening again.

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It looks like your card was sent out before the new super high tech method of sealing the envelopes was introduced.

As @HoldenCarver points out, it looks like the card has been removed and replaced. Order a new one.

Is it possible to order a new one without activating this one and making my current one unusable? I just see the option to activate.

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If you go to the help section and type ‘contact’ in the search box, the first result should be ‘Contacting support’ and there should be a link to ‘chat with us’ in that article.

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Contact chat as above

Don’t order one yourself as you’ll spend your one free card replacement and it will cost £5 afterwards


I used the chat and a new card is on the way. :+1:

But to be honest comparing the two I still prefer the distinctive look of the Hot Coral Card. :star_struck:


Just out of interest, if someone tried to buy something with the card would you still get a notification in your feed if the card hasn’t been activated?

That card has quite clearly been tampered with so it would be interesting to know if someone does try to spend with it over the next few days.

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