New Mastercard logo, haven't seen it in the wild yet

I recall Mastercard’s new logo was updated around a year ago…

…but I have yet to see it appear on any cards in the real world. It has been on mock-up card images on the web for various banks/card issuers, and I even thought I’d seen a Starling mock-up which carried the new logo but I was sent a card with the old one.

Has anyone been issued a card with the new logo, or even just seen one in the wild yet? Do Monzo plan on using it for the new debit card? Would be awesome if Monzo were one of the first banks to utilise it.


They do & yes, it looks pretty great :heart_eyes:

Image from this post.

Image from this post.


That looks sick :100:

Maybe my Monzo card will actually be the first time I see it for real. Does anyone know if an issuer has already beaten Monzo to it?


Its on the Mastercard Debit by Yorkshire Bank’s B Account…


it is on my WeSwap card, Monese Mastercard, and it is also on the Clydesdale Bank B account cards

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I’m more surprised that I haven’t seen it online yet, where it’s a lot easier to update. Haven’t seen it anywhere, even on modern-looking sites. Can’t remember any examples now, but I saw a site in the last week that surprised me as it was one that seemed like it had been designed in the last year.

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