Don't go, coral card! 😍

(Andy Powell) #115

Use either the logo or the name, not both. If you need to use both then your logo is worthless.

Personally I’m happy with the monzo on its own, it’s clean and minimalist not cluttering the card.

(Tulin) #116

Yes, I do like that I could instantly freeze the card via the Internet.


Personally I think you need both name and logo (though it can be in different corners of the card) as the bank is not yet well known and it helps to raise our profile with those at a shop till who may not have heard of us

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #118

Woah! I think that navy blue with the splash of coral along the edges is a fantastic mix between Pro and Fun! :smiley:
I love the full coral look… But this is a wicked ‘compromise’ if it ends up happening :slight_smile:

Certainly won’t have anywhere near as much recognition at a glance though :wink: #coralwins

(james_e_bell) #119

Im in amsterdam for work at the moment - Monzo card doesnt stand out here so much - ING cards look quite similar!

(Hugo Cornejo) #120

You might like this stuff. Just testing though :wink:

When will the proper Debit cards be distributed?
New Mastercard logo, haven't seen it in the wild yet
Badges for Alpha, Beta and Investors
What We Know About the Current Accounts & Debit Cards / FAQ :bank: :credit_card: (open Wiki)
(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #121

I like the Mastercard logo in that mockup more that the actual Mastercard logo! :wink:

(Hugo Cornejo) #122

Oh, that’s the actual MC logo. They rebranded recently :slight_smile:

Open office January
(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #123

Owh awesome!! Looks pretty decent, much more modern that their old one :wink:
Kind of fitting for a modern bank, wouldn’t you say! :laughing:

(Muyiwa Olu) #124

Have you thought of the ‘m’ in monzo being the logo style?

(Kyle Chivers) #125

That reflection texture though :ok_hand:

(Alex Sherwood) #126

I spotted your post-it note :eyes: it’d be great to be able to choose the colors of the app! I’d set everything to hot coral obviously :wink:

Looks like the white outline makes it pop more, which is very cool.

The card looks really good! :heart_eyes:

It’s hard to tell but it doesn’t look like there’s a lot of room for the user’s name & account number + sort code there, will the card have both sets of details?

(Keir Williams) #127

I definitely don’t want the actual card to be coral. It must be navy. I do not want a card that screams for attention. Maybe there could be a scheme to allow people to choose a card colour based on colours from your logo? This would be fairer than subjecting those who don’t want coral, to have coral.


And I definately don’t want it to be navy and not be able to tell at a glance which card it is

(Josh Bray) #129

I really like the silver colour for investors. Can we have a silver shiny card ?

(Naomi Wilding) #130

Yeah the hot coral is so cool, I work in a bar in central London and we have started seeing Monzo cards very frequently (it’s why I got mine). The colour is so integral to the brand statement right now “I’m a breakaway, a rebel, a new thinker, I am Monzo!” You should see how proud people are using the card and now we all know what Monzo is they get this mad respect for being “in the gang” as it were. Forgive me for my next statement but… it’s trending! Don’t drop the colour any time soon.

Ps. Love my card, have been successfully converting people to Monzo since I started using mine.

(Naomi Wilding) #131

I’m not apposed to these all black all white cards at all, so long as the hot coral stays too! Like Apple gives you 2-3 stament colour options with their phones, maybe Monzo could give you this choice of three stylish colours? Let people decide what they want when they get a new card? Is that possible?


I like the coral card,but also like the stylish blue. Maybe just have a few color choices,but coral should definitely be one.

(Peter Unitt) #133

Think you’ve hit on an important point there.

Monzo is all about challenging the way banking works. It makes every sense for the card itself to be totally different from current banks. Here’s why-

  1. It gets people talking “ooh that’s a nice card, what bank is that?”
  2. The target audience itself are people who are not content with current banks, they want something different, make it obvious.
  3. Monzo is a modern bank, corporate colours and design doesn’t work, make the card modern.

Now, I’m not saying that the coral colour is the correct choice here, all I’m saying is that it needs to be noticeably different than high street banks. I’m sure this is already a challenge for the designers though.

(Tom Kiss) #134

Absolutely agree.

I love the colour, its fantastic. My preference would be to make coral the default, and have a secondary perhaps less statement colour(s) as an option.

This might at some point also help people who have multiple cards.
My current bank only gives plain black cards- my joint and current accounts are forever being muddled because there’s no differentiation apart from the printed, and rapidly faded, numbers on them. It’s so frustrating I stick colourful patterned tape on them them help me!