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Hi have a question that resulted when I showed an acquaintance the Monzo card, he noticed the MasterCard logo and said “Is it a credit card” ? I said no its a debit card, he says " but it’s got the MasterCard logo so must be a credit card “, I replied with " maybe it uses the MasterCard network”. Am I correct in sayingy it uses the MC network ?



Hi @Anom123 Yes Mozno use MasterCard. The card is a MasterCard debit card. both Visa and MasterCard have credit and debit cards.


These links may interest you, other banks are also switching:


Thanks Andy yes I’m aware there’s both Visa credit & debit cards, I’ve got at least one of each. So I was right then that Monzo uses the MasterCard network. I suspect the acquaintance hadn’t seen a MasterCard debit card.


Yes. MasterCard are trying to push into the debit card market in the UK. A number of UK banks are switching to MasterCard debit which uses the MasterCard network like the MasterCard Credit cards do. Santander will switch to MasterCard Debit Cards next year, the biggest bank to do so so far.


Take a look at the hologram on the back of your card :wink:

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I thought this at first, i thought Mastercard only do Credit cards but i was wrong

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