Monzo Debit Card Preview Event 20 July

Great fun today. Good to meet people from developers to police men. Thanks :monzo: !! Got myself a new little app on my phone


How come the old MasterCard logo is still on the card?

Very nice mate :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

All of my other debit cards have either MasterCard or Visa logos on them. It’s still a MasterCard, just now a debit card rather than a pre-pay credit card.

No I meant the old MasterCard logo is still on the card when there is a new one now

In the card preview is was showing this logo.


Oh - not sure. But these cards will need replaced within a few months, so perhaps it’s not the final-final design.

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Yeah it isn’t the final design. It’s the current card manufacturer with the old logo and old chip. Newer cards with the new logo and new chip later this year/early next year.


when you say chip, do you mean the new biometric one that MasterCard is trialing out?

These cards are temporary for the preview, they’re effectively the prepaid cards with entirely new settings and some basic art changes that had to be made, nothing else. The design team are currently working on the final cards, layout, and artwork for the debit cards. :credit_card:


Nice! going this Thursday for mine :pray:

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