Update to new MasterCard logo in app


The Monzo app is still using the old MasterCard logo on the account screen. It should be updated to the new one as per the physical card.

As per this:

When will Monzo support Apple Pay?
(Allie) #2

It’s correct on Android, and this has been reported a few times on iOS…

(Aaron) #3

This ones been bugging me for a long time… :confused:

(Brandon Billingham) #4

Should of been done ages ago. Not sure why it’s ignored unless for some reason it’s a complex swap.


I’m sure MasterCard wouldn’t like it

(James Murray-Ferris) #6

I think what surprises me is that it’s an asset in the actual app rather than held on a CDN and just cached so the Android and iOS are the same ones


Seems to be something Monzo are ignoring for the time being, not seen any Monzo staff address this?

(Mark Edmonds) #8

Don’t think MasterCard would care, they still own the TM. Also imagine the millions of stickers stuck on shop windows that haven’t been updated.

Also not to mention the millions of cards still out there that have the old logo that may not expire for another 9 years.

(Alex Sherwood) #9

This is obviously out of Monzo’s control, they wouldn’t ignore this for no reason & it’s a simple change to make.

I expect they’re following MasterCard’s rules - perhaps the logo can’t be switched while cards with the old logo are still active, for example. More on this here -

(Matt) #10

I sincerely doubt MasterCard would enforce the use of their old logo, especially only enforcing it on one out of the two platforms?

(Alex Sherwood) #11

I didn’t know that the new logo’s there for Monzo users :raised_hands:

Ok any other guesses apart from “Monzo are ignoring this” (which they don’t do)? :smile:

(Matt) #12

I’d like to think that the team is too busy working on CASS and :apple:Pay to make the change, but to change an asset should take < 5 minutes so it’s hard to argue that one.

(Harry) #13

No idea why but Curve also displays the old MasterCard logo on most cards even if the physical card has the new logo :man_shrugging:t3:

(#savetheseabass) #14

It’s a 5 minute fix so either they’ve taken a tough stand on the fact the new logo is awful or because there’s a difference between brand mark and acceptance mark. The old logo is more familiar and feels safer so by displaying that if they don’t legally need to use the old one, it feels more reassuring?

(Herp Derp) #15

Starling have new logo

(#savetheseabass) #16

If starling jumped off a cliff would Monzo have to do it as well? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #17

I’m interested in your response to the change of logo. In what practical way does your feeling that the new logo seems unsafe manifest? Do you refuse to shop at places which display it? Do you feel less reassured that a card with the new logo will work?

Genuinely interested for anyone to articulate why one might feel less reassured or safe due to not liking the change in design.

(#savetheseabass) #18

It was a speculation, clutching at straws

If people are familiar with the old logo they might not think the new logo was real. As I say, pure speculation

(Hugh Wells) #19

This is being looked at! :pray: Sorry about the delay :disappointed:

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yes, but they would be a close second