Mastercard drops name from logo

This makes a lot of sense to me! How long until we see it on Monzo cards, I wonder… :wink:


Maybe they could revert back to being called MasterCharge?

I think it would help them to move away from the term card in the branding and would be reviving their old brand.


Has a nice ring to it
Access card.png



I’m surprised to see that Maestro still hasn’t been phased out!

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Outside of a few countries, the Maestro logo isn’t anywhere near as familiar to consumers as the MasterCard logo.

Yes however I’m surprised it still exists. :yum:

As part of their old guidelines you could have the logo on a bank card without the text but I think most banks choose to include it as it was their main logo

Indeed, with the interchange cap Maestro serves no real purpose but to complicate things.

Maestrois a debit card service owned by MasterCard

Though I suspect it will be slowly phased out

Is it just me or was the one they used from 1979-1990 quite futuristic, wouldn’t look out of place now!


I like the new logo. ELI5 why maestro was created in the first place?

Plus solves the issue they say which is fitting in all the numbers as it is on the actual logo. Though it does annoy me that the e doesn’t line up better with the circle

Though I personally do prefer just the logo

It’ll be a while before you see these cards due to existing stock levels and supply chain lag but… :eyes:


Nice! Is this going to be updated in app as well & on Apple Pay? Or is that all dependent on getting one of these cards?

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Looks like it is being updated in the app:


I don’t want to promise a timescale of the new logo coming to the mobile wallets but it should be in the next three months or so at the same time I make other configuration changes. :slightly_smiling_face:


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