Be gone, coral card!

(Oliver Ford) #1

It’s only fair that we have a competing thread for all those in favour of a purple, or at least in anti-favour of a coral, Monzo card - right?

Monzo card mockup

For reference, the coral-lovers are over here:

  • Coral
  • Purple holograph per GIF
  • Other

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POLL: Card Colour
Don't go, coral card! 😍
New Mastercard logo, haven't seen it in the wild yet
One reason Monzo is doing so well?
Don't go, coral card! 😍

Yes for sure have a separate post for Go, coral card!

However, any poll should be impartial and not appear in the Go, coral card! or Don’t go, coral card! postings as it is likely to solicit more responses from those of that persuasion.

It would have been better after creating your Go, coral card! post to create a separate post called Poll on card colour or Vote which you prefer.



It should be noted that Starling bank have just launched with a purple card.


(J) #4

I really like the dark blue card.

Maybe keep the coral colour on the back, or a choice of two or free colours.


(Dan Warriner) #5

As suggested, I have created a poll independent of either post so it’s impartial so we can get the community’s general consensus of the preferred card colour.

The poll can be found here POLL: Card Colour (it’s on neutral ground!).

Happy voting!

P.S. I love the sneaky adaptation of my original thread title :wink:


(Oliver Ford) #6

Sorry, just a bit of fun, I wasn’t intending that anyone at Monzo should take it as a serious user survey. (Any poll has the bias that it’s only seen by active community members who care about the colour sufficiently to read, write, and vote!)


(Lee James Kilbride) #7

I think the navy card with a side strip of coral as someone had put up an image off would be the way to go



Again, I am really sorry and I mean no offence to whoever designed it… I am posting this with a funny tone so don’t take it too seriously. Regard it as a joke please.

I have been looking forward to my Monzo card since last week and finally got it just now.

Thank you for your hard work but I personally cannot appreciate its colour.

Not only me but also my girlfriend.

I like the colour of orange and I liked the design in the pictures online. The envelope was so nice and I loved it for one second before I binned it.

However, once I saw my card, I thought, oh my Jesus Mary and Joseph! I cannot believe it… I will definitely not use it in a supermarket because I am sure it will catch all people’s eyes.

Probably it is just toooooo bright and toooooo girly for me, although I don’t have 8 packs.

I pooh-poohed at design of Revolut’s standard card as well, but now it just seems better… (To clarify, I don’t like Revolut because they blocked my card and cancelled my premium and no customer support was responding to me and my complaint is still blocked by their community).

Moreover, there is a tiny black spot there right at the bottom right corner of the MasterCard logo!!! How can an OCD like me live with that!!!

(Damn it, it doesn’t look that bad in a picture…)

And even more, when I tried to block my card number, I found the colour of this card is just so similar to the built in colour of my Mac OS Preview app. So the Chief designer must have designed it in such app under the 90 mins time limit because Tom Blomfield forgot the deadline for printing…

Personally and very sincerely, I hope there will be some choosable designs. The envelope was really really nice! Why can I not have a black card designed as well as the envelope when I am so cool? To match this card I must be wearing a skirt and a pink crown!

So far, I have got cards from Fire, Revolut, Monzo and declined by Fidor for my poor nationality (which made me quite unhappy, but racism is everywhere so I have to live with it, that’s another story tho). None of them are designed nice enough for me. Revolut’s premium card looks not bad though.

Doing differently from normal banks doesn’t mean doing ugly than them, right?

Nothing personal because it’s just my personal feelings. I know lot’s of you love the colour so I guess it’s just my personal problem.

(Since I am so unhappy, Monzo must list me as one of the first current account users to make me happy, seriously I insist!!!)


(Tom ) #9


Also, there’s going to be two dots on the new MasterCard logo… It’s its Trademark ™ and Registered Trademark ® logos.


(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #10

I’m not a fan of the colour myself but I’ve just got on with it.

Personally I’d love to have this colour, if they ever did two colours I’d go with this.


(Marta) #11

While I’m on that side of “don’t go, coral card”, I appreciate your post.

Btw, it’s hot coral, not orange, maybe that’s why you hate it so much, you can’t see it’s true beauty?! :smiley: :smirk:

On a serious note, I can see how hot pink might not be 1st choice of colour for some people. However, more cost for Monzo… I don’t want that! I’m torn on a logical level, but on a personal - since I’m happy with hot coral - I’m not suffering at all. :heart_eyes_cat:



You are so selfish dude!!!


(Colin Robinson) #13

That’s the point :grin:

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(Patrick) #14

Not trying to be confrontational but I have picked up on something and I just feel it’s important to mention something in regards to the colour being “girly”.

In 19th century Britain; red was the manly colour which featured in the many robes and capes of the male aristocrats, pink was seen as the smaller version of red with which culture at the time dressed their little men (a.k.a male children).

It wasn’t until as late as the 1930s and 1940s that pink started to gradually shift to the other gender culturally.

It is an unfortunately sad indictment of modern culture that a man would be nervous, ashamed or ridiculed for holding on to a small piece of plastic whatever its colour.



That is the whole idea… brand awareness, catching eyes and sparking attention. Guess that was lost on you though.


(Patrick) #17

Wow, just wow!! :flushed:


(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #18



I knew it :rofl::rofl::rofl:


(Anuj) #20

I think your post is quite sexist. I’m at Uni and have seen lots of guys use Monzo cards. I don’t think the colour is ‘girly’ and “To match this card I must be wearing a skirt and a pink crown!” really ?



You see, that’s why I am supporting Trump.