Mute night time notifications (for BACS/DD/StandingOrders)

Monzo backend services are whirring away like a busy bee while we sleep (or at least try to). To my knowledge, these are when various types payments are made.

  • BACS hit my account at 1am
  • Pot withdrawals occur at 2:30am
  • Standing orders occur at 3am
  • Pot transfers occur any time between 3am and 5am
  • DDs come out any time between 3am and 6:30am

The problem is a lot of us have phones charging near us in bed and when withdrawals are made on our account the phone screens brightens up and a loud notification wakes us from our slumber. There are manual solutions like system setting to turn off notification alerts/sounds, move the phone etc. However I’ve twice had fraudulent activity on my account at night. The notification that awake me was a godsend in being able to freeze my card and watch the criminal make ever decreasing attempts to withdraw cash unsuccessfully. So I’m quite attached to the notifications when a standard attempt for payment is attempted. Could I request a feature in the app that mutes night-time notifications for BACs/StandingOrder/DD so I (and I presume others) can get a good night sleep? Thoughts?

Put your phone on vibrate/silent?


see point about fraud - if I did that I wouldn’t get woken by standard payments. But it’s my current solution :wink:

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@pdkn seems to looking for selective notifications (the fraudulent transaction issue).

Oops - sorry @pdkn :flushed:

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Ah, yeah…to be fair I just skimmed over it.

I would suggest not keeping your phone in the bedroom but that doesn’t really help your fraud concern too…

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It seems a perfectly reasonable request.

I can’t be bothered to look, but I’m sure it’s been requested before. Which suggests that Monzo aren’t that concerned about it.



I suppose the only option, until Monzo takes a look at this, is just be more vigilant in where and who your giving your card/bank details out too so you don’t become a victim of fraud.

Seems a little harsh.

This is such a niche request that will probably be helpful to handful of people, it’s not that they don’t care or aren’t concerned, it’s that they have more important things to be doing that would add far more benefit.

This sounds like a sensible request; I know people many people who need to receive some alerts during the night, and continuing to receive normal payment alerts in case of fraud makes sense, but being able to silence the alerts for “expected” transactions like DD/SO for a time window to allow sleep makes sense.


Agree, but maybe change the title, or am I voting FOR a 3AM wake up call? (no thanks!)


Perhaps “Silence expected overnight notifications” ?

Updated the tag to properly reflect the topic.


This has been suggested before:

It might help to merge the two together? Incase someone else is looking for info on this

Having this once is unusual, twice is very rare. How are they cloning (or stealing) your card? Is your card being kept secure?

That said, a toggle to enable notifications for card transactions only, or all transactions, seems a sensible idea.

to be clear, the first fraud was with a previous bank. so once with Monzo. I think it happened while traveling but as we can all appreciate the fraud dept do not give out any details on their investigations so it’s hard to be sure. Thinking out loud, this was before 2-factor authentication was rolled out, which I’m sure has helped reduce risk further. I guess, in asking this, is to ascertain how much of an issue it is for others. As I have no idea how widespread this issue is (notifications not fraud).

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Not just night time. Consider shift workers. Seems like quite a niche request.

Notifications are automatically switched off on my phone at 11pm. If any come through after that it can wait till morning

Thankfully I’ve never been the victim of fraud. Are all banks fraud departments open at that time in the morning?

I assume Monzos fraud department are but even they will be limited when other parties need to get involved wont they?

Enable do not disturb