Smarter Notifications

Hi Guys

I’ve been using Monzo CA for a couple of weeks, so far so great…but one thing has been bugging me.

The 2am Noftication pings when Monzo has paid scheduled paymnets/Direct Debits.

It would be great to be able to tell the App…do not show me any notifications between defined times (for example 11pm-7am) but show me an agregated notification at a certain time (7.30am).

That way, when I check my phone in the morning I get a notification saying ‘3 payments were made totaling £300’ and I can open the App to see the breakdown.

Also, some payments I might not want to get a notification for - for example, I don’t want to see a notification that i’ve paid my rent…however I do want to see a notification if my rent payment has failed for some reason.


I’d like to add to this - I don’t mind notifications at 2am if it’s against my debit card. If I’m asleep but my card isn’t, there’s something wrong. I think the notifications should be able to be switched on/off for DD&SO and Card Payment


That was my first thought.

Direct debits, incoming payments and standing orders can wait.

Payment from my card at 2:00am when I’m sleeping - nope.

I can see how this would be a little cluttered if you have a large number of DD and SO on the same day, maybe if you have more than 3 they should be consolidated some how?
Personally none of mine are on the same day. I’d probably consolidate them to one day at some point but for now it’s fine for me.

You can always set a do not disturb time range on your phones OS settings to disable notification sounds when asleep. But yeah, some smarter choices in app would be cool as it would be advantageous to be awoken by debit card use if asleep, but silence incoming payments and agreed direct debits, etc.

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