Mute night time notifications or separate volume control for notifications (Apple)

Firstly, I absolutely love Monzo. It has enabled me to get on top of my finances, really look at my spending and find out on what areas I can improve.

I am writing this at 3.30am because I can’t mute the night time notifications and they are so loud they wake me up. A direct debit came out at 3am and then because it is paid from a pot, the pot notification dings 10minutes later.

I have been searching this for a while and have tried turning off my phone audio volume and ring volume. The notifications still ring loudly. I want to keep notifications during the day as they are so useful so I’m not going to go to my settings and turn notifications off every night. And I want to be able to receive emergency calls so won’t mute my phone every night.
I would really appreciate a way to turn off night time notifications.

In general, the volume for the notifications can be embarrassing. Is it possible to set a volume for notifications separately? I would love to set the volume and know it will never surprise myself or the cashier in a quiet shop/cafe. Or blast at my friends as I try and pay them in public.

Use the Do Not Disturb function on your phone.

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Look at the scheduling options and the “allow calls” options in Do Not Disturb settings:

I don’t find the system-wide Do Not Disturb function in iOS entirely satisfactory for this issue but unfortunately its the only solution at the moment.

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There’s a very similar thread here - Mute night time notifications (for BACS/DD/StandingOrders)

But to me this seems such a bizarre thing to request directly from Monzo. Have you asked Facebook to stop the notifications in the night? Twitter? What about your friend that works a night shift and replies to a group chat at 4am? Some bot likes your instagram pic before the dawn chorus?

Thank you. I see now there are repeat calling options for to ensure emergency calls are let through while silencing at night.

@Revels, in all the other apps I have turned the noise off and only have banner notifications because they aren’t as important as financial transactions. I don’t think it such an odd ask.


Notifications are as loud or as quiet as you want them. That’s nothing to do with Monzo.

You don’t need to mute them by going in to settings, when the phone is unlocked, press the volume down rocker and you’ll see the little volume bar change on the left hand side. This will turn down calls/notifications. Then just turn it up in the morning.

Monzo already has options to turn on/off notifications for Transactions and Payments, Lending Promotions Overdraft Notifications, so why not add a time based set of rules to that?

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