First time Monzo user

Recently started using my Monzo card and I quite like it, you get a phone notification when you have made a payment, does the same happen for direct debits/ standing orders ?

I also like the fact there’s the Monzo Community where you can ask questions and get help from fellow Monzo Users.


Yes you get them, if any money goes out or comes in, basically any activity on your account you get a notification.


Welcome on board :wave:
Yes, the same happens for Standing Orders and Direct Debits.

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Thanks, that’s quite good as you don’t get that feature with the main banks, it’s a nice feature as you can keep track of any payments and any I didn’t make I can quickly sort out.


Just to make you aware though - Monzo doesn’t yet offer direct debit or standing order retries (like you are probably used to with your traditional bank, where you have until 4PM to add enough money to your account to cover any direct debits).
Instead, they will let you know 1 day in advance if you don’t have enough money for any outgoing payments scheduled to leave your account the following day.
So if you don’t have the needed funds in your account at midnight on that day, they will be declined immediately, unless you have an overdraft in place.
However, Monzo won’t charge you an unpaid transaction fee.

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Are there any plans to address this??

I believe so, yes.
At least for the short-term, by moving the processing to a later time, when incoming salary/standing orders should have cleared already, as currently, direct debits are processed at 12:30am, and BACS credits are processed at 1am.
In the medium/long-term, they have said that it will require the re-writing of the service that handles direct debits.

This is wrong information. Credits are processed before debits! goes and finds where he read this

Have a look at the thread I linked. I have also experienced it with a standing order before I became aware of this. SO attempted at 00:30, salary arrived at 03:15.

I believe it was @BethS who said this problem has been sorted and that Monzo have ensured credits now happen before debits.


Ah - that would be great news.

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For BACS, yes :wink: Not for FPS


Thanks, I shouldn’t have any DD’s that get rejected but thanks for the info.

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I knew I’d seen it somewhere haha

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BACS are currently 1am and Direct Debits 2am.

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Is this for all banks? I thought you had no control over when a BACS payment is paid


This is for Monzo. :blush:

Ah I see

Do you have know when Natwest, for example, make BAC’s payments?

We have full control of when we process inbound BACS payments. FPS payments are controlled by the sending bank.


Most other banks will process them very early in the morning. If you do not have sufficient funds for a direct debit at that time, they usually give you until some time in the afternoon to add further funds (with natwest the cutoff time is 3.30pm, if I remember correctly) . Monzo doesn’t do this.

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