Notifications during the night

At 3:40 a.m. this morning I was woken up by my phone issuing a notification that a direct debit had come out of my account. Such notifications should only be sent during the working day or in a user specified window.

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Are you on Iphone or Android?

I ask as I have “do not disturb” enabled which mutes notifications at night for me on iOS. Also if the phone is on silent mode, this won’t make a sound.

Not sure how Monzo would do this, how would it know when to turn on/off notifications? Perhaps you could “mute” them for a few hours?


Ohh dear.

This is why I have notifications turned off during the evening/night.

Given both iOS and Android have options to manage this on the phone, not sure if Monzo would add this as an option but you never know.


After we got broken into a few months back (and I had my phone on DND so missed the numerous Nest notifications!) I sleep with my phone on loud now.

Monzo is one of the few apps I allow push notifications for. It would be great to mute these between certain times (I know this may not be great for fraud) or have them queue and pop up at say 8am.

Some apps have options to have notifications only during set hours but it’s much easier to just use Do Not Disturb (or the Android equivalent). You’ll silence alerts, but still get phonecalls from important contacts (on iOS, it’s anyone you’ve marked as a favourite, and optionally anyone who tries twice within 5 minutes). Super handy. I’ve not been woken by an unwanted alert in years.


I strongly disagree with this. Monzo should notify you as soon as a transaction happens; that’s the expected behaviour.

It’s up to you to manage your notifications properly using the features built into your phone, such as Do Not Disturb. It’s literally what those features are for.


At the risk of derailing things I just want to point out what a rare pleasure it is to see the word ‘literally’ used correctly. :joy:


Good to see some emphasis italics, too.


For iOS:

For Android:

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You know what normally scares the crap out of me the incoming payment noise that normally comes in at two am :joy::rofl:

I think it would be nice to have a bit more granularity than basic enable/disable Monzo notifications. For example, I would like to be able to configure Monzo so I get card payment notifications at any time, but direct debit and standing order notifications are muted/postponed during sleeping hours. You can’t do this with DND features built into the phone OS, at least not with iPhone (don’t know about Android).

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  1. I want to be notified but not at 3am
  2. I don’t want to turn on DND for other reasons.
  3. The notifications CAN be set to pause until a specified time if I do wish. That’s my decision. I literally don’t care about your opinion. I, and I’m sure many if not most people, don’t want to be woken up at 3am to be told a Direct Debit has been taken.

PS I’m a systems analyst, if the customer asks for something he says is important and it’s logical then we give it to them.


We do that too but only if they’re paying for it :grinning:

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On Android you can set granular permissions for notifications on each app usually (if the developer has implemented it)

Maybe turn on DND and allow certain categories of notifications from the apps you need on loud to override DND ,

Not ideal, but looking at the rate of new features at the moment I don’t see them working on this soon.

Realistically I don’t want to have to dive into every one of my apps to decide on how and when it should notify me and for each dev to provide it as a feature they have to implement. This tends to be why these types of options are set within the OS itself.

The logical solution would be to apply a DND on a schedule within the OS and then provide overrides to allow certain app notifications to come through still. I.e nothing to do with Monzo. They send the notification and the OS decides when you get it.


What did you expect to get when you posted here :joy:

… And aligns with the wider business strategy :slight_smile:


Raise a request to Apple to allow it as apparently on Android you can?

It’s then down to the app creators to override DND

Or if you have one install the Hive Security on a tablet and use that while you have the phone on DND

Have you tried to see whether you could setup a iOS shortcut to perform the action of turning the notification on/off based on the time of day.

Don’t know if it’s possible, just an idea.

And you yet you don’t care about valid responses here. I sincerely hope I never use any of the systems you have been involved with given that attitude. The customer is NOT always right but what do I know, I’m just a business analyst…

You may have valid reasons for not using the OS-wide system that is available to you, but why should any app cater for your/the minority desire for this over the majority/my desire to always have notifications from Monzo.

Sure, build an option in the app but not today, nor tomorrow, there are many other things more important to many other people.

You should never build a product for the minority of users, unless you want it to fail.


Monzo has over 2 million customers, and I’m sure the majority of them signed up for instant notifications. Regardless of when they happen.